Best Free Notion Templates to Boost Your Productivity with Must-Try Picks this 2024

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Struggling to stay organized and productive? Notion offers over 50 free templates in 2024 to tackle this issue. Our blog will guide you through the best picks for work, finance, students, personal use, and agencies.

Get ready to boost your productivity!

What is Notion and its Templates?

Notion is a powerful tool that serves as an all-in-one workspace for users’ notes, tasks, databases, and projects. It combines the flexibility of note-taking apps with the structural capabilities of database management systems.

Users can leverage Notion’s extensive library of over 10,000 free templates to create custom workspaces tailored to their personal or professional requirements. These templates are highly customizable, allowing individuals to adapt them to their specific productivity enhancement needs.

Overview of Best Free Notion Templates

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Template NameCategoryDownload Link
S.M.A.R.T goals trackerWorkGet this template here!
RICE Scoring Framework Notion TemplateWorkGet this template here!
Ultimate TasksWorkGet this template here!
Notion Life Dashboard 2.0WorkGet this template here!
Landing Page BuilderWorkGet this template here!
500+ Productivity ResourcesWorkGet this template here!
Best Self-Improvement TemplateWorkGet this template here!
Notion Task ManagerWorkGet this template here!
Merci Grace’s Landing PageWorkGet this template here!
Business OS for NotionWorkGet this template here!
Notion Free Monthly BudgetFinanceGet this template here!
Budget TrackerFinanceGet this template here!
Aesthetic Notion Budget TemplateFinanceGet this template here!
50/30/20 Budget TrackerFinanceGet this template here!
Simple Monthly Budget Template NotionFinanceGet this template here!
Notion Budget Template SpendeskFinanceGet this template here!
Product Launch Kit PrototionFinanceGet this template here!
Notion Budget Template Aesthetic FreeFinanceGet this template here!
Free Notion Budget Tracker for TravelingFinanceGet this template here!
Budget Tracker EasloFinanceGet this template here!
Club HomepageStudentGet this template here!
Student PlannerStudentGet this template here!
Class NotesStudentGet this template here!
Student dashboardStudentGet this template here!
Research Paper PlannerStudentGet this template here!
Grade calculatorStudentGet this template here!
Student Org In-a-BoxStudentGet this template here!
Class Notes TemplatesStudentGet this template here!
Student Group AssignmentStudentGet this template here!
School life dashboardStudentGet this template here!
Personal Finance TrackerPersonalGet this template here!
JournalPersonalGet this template here!
Travel plannerPersonalGet this template here!
Quick NotePersonalGet this template here!
Grade calculatorPersonalGet this template here!
Weekly To-do ListPersonalGet this template here!
Simple Project PlannerPersonalGet this template here!
Monthly Habit TrackerPersonalGet this template here!
Book TrackerPersonalGet this template here!
Simple Personal WebsitePersonalGet this template here!
Agency hubAgencyGet this template here!
Agency KitAgencyGet this template here!
Agency managerAgencyGet this template here!
OptiOpp CRMAgencyGet this template here!
Agency OSAgencyGet this template here!
Social Media DashboardAgencyGet this template here!
Youtube video production workflowAgencyGet this template here!
Content EngineAgencyGet this template here!
Freelancer & Agency – Products & Services CatalogAgencyGet this template here!
Small Design Agency Task ManagementAgencyGet this template here!

Best Free Notion Templates for Work

Moving from a general discussion of Notion templates, we now focus on those crafted for professional use. These free Notion templates are ideal for enhancing work productivity and efficiency.

1. S.M.A.R.T goals tracker


The S.M.A.R.T Goals Tracker template in Notion is designed to help users set, track, and achieve goals using the S.M.A.R.T framework—specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound. It provides a structured system for defining clear objectives, establishing metrics for progress measurement, and setting realistic timelines. Get this template here!

2.  RICE Scoring Framework Notion Template


Streamline your project prioritization process with the RICE scoring framework. This template helps you evaluate project ideas based on Reach, Impact, Confidence, and Effort, allowing you to make informed decisions and prioritize effectively. Simply fill in the relevant details for each category to assess and rank your projects efficiently. Get this template here!

3. Ultimate Tasks


Elevate your productivity with Ultimate Tasks. This template empowers you to organize and tackle your most important tasks efficiently. From prioritization to tracking progress, Ultimate Tasks provides a streamlined approach to help you achieve your goals effectively. Get this template here!

4. Notion Life Dashboard 2.0


Welcome to the next level of organization and productivity with Notion Life Dashboard 2.0! This upgraded dashboard offers a comprehensive solution for managing your life’s tasks, goals, schedules, and more, all in one centralized space. Stay on top of your priorities, track your progress, and optimize your daily routines with ease using this powerful Notion template. Get this template here!

5. Landing Page Builder


Create stunning landing pages effortlessly with our Landing Page Builder. Designed for ease of use and customization, this tool empowers you to craft captivating landing pages that convert visitors into customers. With drag-and-drop functionality and a range of templates to choose from, bring your ideas to life and drive results for your business. Get this template here!

6. 500+ Productivity Resources


Unlock your full potential with our curated collection of over 500 productivity resources. From articles and tools to apps and courses, this comprehensive repository equips you with everything you need to boost efficiency, manage time effectively, and achieve your goals. Dive into a wealth of knowledge and take your productivity to new heights today! Get this template here!

7. Best Self-Improvement Template – Knowledge Vaults

knowledge vaults

Transform yourself with our Best Self-Improvement Template – Knowledge Vaults. Organize your journey to personal growth with meticulously curated resources, insights, and tools. Dive deep into various aspects of self-improvement, from goal setting to habit formation, and embark on a path of continuous development. Elevate every aspect of your life with this comprehensive template. Get this template here!

8. Notion Task Manager

task manager

Take control of your tasks and productivity with the Notion Task Manager. Seamlessly organize your to-dos, set priorities, and track progress—all within the versatile Notion platform. With customizable views and powerful collaboration features, stay on top of your workload and achieve your goals with ease. Get this template here!

9. Merci Grace’s Landing Page

merci grace

Welcome to Merci Grace’s Landing Page, where elegance meets functionality. Crafted with precision and style, our landing page showcases our products/services in an engaging and intuitive manner. Explore our offerings, discover our story, and experience the essence of Merci Grace’s brand—all in one captivating space. Get this template here!

10. Business OS for Notion

business OS

Embark on a journey of growth and achievement with Ascent. This platform provides personalized guidance and resources to help you reach new heights in your personal and professional life. Whether you’re striving for career advancement, personal development, or both, Ascent empowers you to climb higher and realize your full potential. Get this template here!

Best Free Notion Templates for Finance

Managing finance becomes a breeze with the right tools. Notion offers a range of free templates, including one specifically for tracking finances, that make handling money matters both simple and efficient. Here are some top picks to help keep your financial health in check:

1. Notion Free Monthly Budget

notion budget tracker 1

Take control of your finances with ease using our Notion Free Monthly Budget Template. This customizable tool helps you track income, expenses, and savings goals, providing a clear overview of your financial health. Say goodbye to budgeting stress and hello to financial empowerment with this user-friendly template. Get this template here!

2. Budget Tracker

budget templates

Stay on top of your finances effortlessly with our Budget Tracker. This intuitive tool helps you monitor income, expenses, and savings goals, offering valuable insights into your financial habits. With customizable features and easy-to-use interfaces, take control of your budget and achieve your financial goals with confidence. Get this template here!

3. Aesthetic Notion Budget Template


Elevate your financial planning with our Aesthetic Notion Budget Template. Designed with a focus on both style and functionality, this template helps you manage your finances in a visually pleasing and organized manner. Track expenses, set budget goals, and gain clarity on your financial health with this aesthetically pleasing Notion template. Get this template here!

4. 50/30/20 Budget Tracker


Take control of your finances with the 50/30/20 Budget Tracker. This intuitive tool follows the popular budgeting rule, allocating 50% of income to needs, 30% to wants, and 20% to savings. With clear visualization and easy tracking features, achieve financial balance and prioritize your financial goals effectively. Get this template here!

5. Simple Monthly Budget Template Notion


Streamline your finances with the Simple Monthly Budget Template for Notion. This straightforward tool offers a clear and easy-to-use interface to track your income, expenses, and savings each month. Simplify your budgeting process and gain control over your finances with this intuitive Notion template. Get this template here!

6. Notion Budget Template | Spendesk


Optimize your budget management with the Notion Budget Template by Spendesk. This comprehensive tool seamlessly integrates with Notion to provide a user-friendly interface for tracking expenses, setting budget goals, and analyzing financial data. Empower your financial planning and decision-making with this intuitive template. Get this template here!

7. Product Launch Kit | Prototion


Unleash the full potential of your product launch with Prototion’s comprehensive Product Launch Kit. This all-in-one solution provides everything you need to plan, execute, and track your product launch strategy seamlessly. From timelines and checklists to promotional assets and analytics, streamline your launch process and drive success with Prototion. Get this template here!

8. Notion Budget Template Aesthetic Free


Elevate your budgeting experience with our Aesthetic Free Notion Budget Template. This visually appealing and user-friendly template helps you manage your finances effortlessly. Track expenses, set budget goals, and gain insights into your spending habits in style with this intuitive Notion template, all for free. Get this template here!

9. Free Notion Budget Tracker for Traveling


Stay on top of your travel expenses with our free Notion Budget Tracker. Specifically designed for travelers, this template helps you monitor your spending, plan your budget, and track your savings—all within the versatile Notion platform. Enjoy your travels worry-free with this convenient and customizable budgeting tool. Get this template here!

10. Budget Tracker | Easlo


Take charge of your finances effortlessly with Easlo’s Budget Tracker. This intuitive tool simplifies budget management, allowing you to monitor expenses, set financial goals, and track your progress with ease. Stay organized and in control of your finances with Easlo’s user-friendly interface. Get this template here!

Best Free Notion Templates for Student

Notion offers a wide array of free templates tailored specifically for students in 2024. These include everything from habit tracking to journaling, designed to streamline tasks and projects efficiently.

1. Club Homepage


We understand that your school experience likely involves more than just academics. Notion offers the ideal solution for managing information related to clubs, organizations, and group projects. With this template, you can create and maintain institutional knowledge in a neatly organized manner. Capture ideas, propel initiatives forward, and ensure everyone is aligned and informed, all within a centralized platform for managing clubs and teams. Get this template here!

2. Student Planner

student planner-2

Effortlessly organize your academic schedule, from classes to assignment deadlines, and seamlessly coordinate all your club meetings with this template. Designed to keep everything in order, it empowers you to stay focused and motivated throughout the school year. Get this template here!

3. Class Notes

class notes

Effortlessly organize and access all your class notes with this intuitive Class Notes template. Add a new note with just a single click, and watch as it automatically logs the creation date. Sort your notes by date or subject for quick retrieval whenever you need them. Each note provides ample space to input details using text, images, links, and videos, ensuring you capture and review every crucial lecture detail seamlessly. Get this template here!

4. Student dashboard


Harness the power of this template to maintain organization and focus throughout your school year. From managing your courses to scheduling events and personal projects, including club meetings and extracurricular activities, it serves as your all-in-one tool for success. Stay organized, stay focused, and stay inspired to make this school year your most successful yet! Get this template here!

5. Research Paper Planner

research paper

Transform this template into your go-to homepage for planning and writing your research paper or dissertation. Utilize it to brainstorm and assess potential topics effectively. Maintain a comprehensive list of sources neatly bundled with corresponding notes, all easily searchable. Stay organized and on track with a timeline of due dates, where you can draft your content seamlessly—all within the same space. Get this template here!

6. Grade calculator


Stay informed about your progress by recording your grades and identify areas to focus on by leveraging the built-in formulas that do the heavy lifting for you. With this template, you’ll always have a clear understanding of where you stand academically and how to allocate your time effectively. Get this template here!

7. Student Org In-a-Box

student org in a box

Centralize your resources for easy reference and efficiently manage your calendar with an upcoming events tracker using this template. Whether you’re coordinating volunteer efforts or orchestrating the next big event, this streamlined tool ensures your team stays informed, organized, and on point throughout the process. Get this template here!

8. Class Notes Templates

class notes

Elevate your academic experience with Class Notes. This comprehensive tool helps you organize and streamline your note-taking process for classes, lectures, and study sessions. With customizable features and intuitive design, stay focused and efficient in your studies with Class Notes. Get this link here!

9. Student Group Assignment

student group assignment

Conquer your group assignments like a pro with our comprehensive Student Group Assignment template. Featuring dedicated sections for outlining team member responsibilities, storing important links, and listing to-dos, this template serves as your central hub for fostering effective collaboration. Get this template here!

10. School life dashboard


This template is perfect for college or high school students looking to organize their academics, personal interests, and favorite things, all in a single, convenient location! Get this template here!

Best Free Notion Templates for Personal

Notion’s free templates make organizing personal life an effortless task. They offer a variety of tools for habit tracking, achieving personal goals, and keeping a journal.

1. Personal Finance Tracker

personal finance tracker

Revolutionize your financial management with Notion’s Personal Finance Tracker template, powered by Database Automations. Simply input new income or expenses, and watch as the system automatically updates the date, ensuring your financial journal remains accurate and up to date. Get this template here!

2. Journal

personal journal

Capture the essence of your life with ease – from daily occurrences to milestone moments and reflections on your aspirations. Categorize entries effortlessly using tags and let the system automatically capture the date, ensuring your memories are organized and preserved seamlessly. Get this template here!

3. Travel planner

travel planner

Travel planning often becomes chaotic with information scattered across emails, files, and websites. This template consolidates all crucial details of your travel plans into one centralized location, making organization effortless and ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Get this template here!

4. Quick Note


Experience the versatility of note-taking with this template, showcasing a variety of content types for quick and comprehensive notes in any situation. From to-do lists to web bookmarks and sub-headings, it offers a range of options to capture and organize your thoughts effectively. Get this template here!

5. Grade calculator


Strategize your quarter or semester by knowing how much every assignment, exam, and project is worth for your final grade. Always know how you’re doing, and stay focused by recording your grades and figuring out where to invest your time. Our formulas in this template do it all for you. Get this template here!

6. Weekly To-do List


Harness the power of organization with this template, designed to plan and coordinate your tasks for the upcoming week. Visualize your key priorities using an agenda that aids in effective prioritization, ensuring you stay focused and on track to achieve your goals. Get this template here!

7. Simple Project Planner

project planner

Overwhelmed by your personal project’s complexity? This template offers a lifeline. Simplify your project by breaking it down into manageable steps, setting clear goals, and effortlessly tracking progress. Witness your project evolve seamlessly from inception to completion with ease. Get this template here!

8. Monthly Habit Tracker


Effortlessly maintain your habits with this intuitive template! Tick off each habit as you accomplish them throughout the day. Personalize your habits by clicking on them to change their name and icon. Habit cards are automatically grouped by week; simply add a new card for each day you wish to track. Keep your habits in check and watch your progress soar! Get this template here!

9. Book Tracker

book tracker

Organize all your books seamlessly with our Book Tracker template! Categorize your books into sections like “Currently Reading,” “Finished,” or “Up Next.” Dive into any book to jot down notes and preserve your reflections. Happy reading! Get this template here!

10. Simple Personal Website


Craft a remarkable personal website directly within your workspace using this template. Build an online presence that captivates with ease. Share your site effortlessly by including a link in your job applications, and keep it vibrant and up to date even after sharing it out. Get this template here!

Best Free Notion Templates for Agency

Agencies require specialized tools to handle their dynamic schedules and diverse projects. Notion provides free templates specifically designed to meet these needs, helping agencies organize their tasks efficiently and improve team collaboration.

1. Agency hub

agency hub

Utilize this template as a central hub for your contractors to access all necessary information. The wiki platform ensures complete transparency, empowering both parties to collaborate effectively and deliver their best work together. Get this template here!

2. Agency Kit

agency kit

The Notion Agency Kit template is a robust resource crafted specifically for agencies to streamline their workflow, projects, and financial management. This comprehensive template comprises various pages, including Agenda, Projects, Objectives, Finance, Sales CRM, Contacts, Team, Notes, and Asset Library. Each page serves a specific purpose, equipping agencies with the tools they need to maintain organization and efficiency in their operations. Get this template here!

3. Agency manager

agency kit dashboard

Effortlessly manage every facet of your business with the Agency Manager template. This kit offers a polished workspace equipped with numerous automations, providing you with the tools necessary for success while efficiently overseeing multiple clients simultaneously. Get this template here!

4. OptiOpp CRM


Drawing inspiration from the robust data model of Salesforce, the OptiOpp CRM system integrated within Notion offers a versatile and customizable solution. By harnessing the flexibility of Notion, this CRM aims to deliver a comprehensive tool for enhancing customer interactions and optimizing sales processes. Get this template here!

5. Agency OS

agency OS

Introducing our latest innovation: the Agency OS Notion Template. Crafted to streamline your agency’s workflow and supercharge productivity, this template is your all-in-one solution for seamless operations and enhanced efficiency. Get this template here!

6. Social Media Dashboard


Elevate your productivity, streamline social media management, monitor analytics, and maintain organization effortlessly with our intuitive Notion template. Unlock your team’s full potential and achieve your goals with ease. Get this template here!

7. Youtube video production workflow

youtube video production

An essential aid for kickstarting the ideation process of YouTube video creation, this template is designed to propel you through pre-production, offering a steadfast guide from filming to editing, ensuring a smooth journey from concept to hitting that publish button! Get this template here!

8. Content Engine

AZM planner

Whether you’re a freelancer or an agency, this tool simplifies the organization of ideas and facilitates seamless planning for all social media platforms, consolidated in one convenient location. Get this template here!

9. Freelancer & Agency – Products & Services Catalog

Freelancer & Agency

With customizable pricing tables and interactive checkboxes, clients and potential clients can effortlessly browse and select the services they desire, making the decision-making process smoother than ever. Get this template here!

10. Small Design Agency Task Management

account team dashboard

This template streamlines the coordination of incoming work from client account management teams to the creative design team within a small design agency. It tackles the issue of conflicting creative deadlines among account management teams, which often leads to task priority mismanagement. Get this template here!

Benefits of Using Notion Templates

  • Boost productivity: Notion templates streamline note-taking, to-do list creation, and goal setting, enhancing efficiency.
  • Tailored variety: Free Notion templates cater to diverse needs such as work, finance, student life, personal use, and agency operations, empowering users across different aspects of life.
  • Organizational advantage: Businesses benefit from structured templates, fostering organization and task prioritization, leading to improved collaboration and streamlined processes.
  • Enhanced team performance: Notion templates aid in navigating work complexities, facilitating project management and team collaboration, resulting in increased efficiency and better outcomes.
  • Seamless integration: Integrate Notion templates effortlessly into your workflow for added convenience and productivity, according to expert Jonathan Smith.


Enhance your productivity with the best free Notion templates for 2024. Organize work, personal life, and finances with categorized templates designed to boost efficiency. Students can optimize their organization while content creators can elevate their output using these valuable resources.

Get ahead of the game this year with Notion’s must-try picks for enhanced productivity!


1. What are free Notion templates for students?

Free Notion templates for students are pre-designed layouts that help with organizing study schedules, notes, and other academic activities to boost productivity.

2. Can I find notion templates that are both useful and look good?

Yes! There are many notion templates aesthetic free options available that combine functionality with a pleasing visual design to make your planning more enjoyable.

3. Where can I get notion templates aesthetic student free?

You can find free aesthetically pleasing Notion templates specifically designed for students on various websites and forums dedicated to productivity tools and student resources.

4. How do template notion free improve my study habits?

Using a template notion free helps you organize your tasks, set deadlines, and track your progress in a visually appealing manner, making it easier to stick to your study goals.

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