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20 Best Washing Machine Malaysia Options for Your Laundry Day Essentials

Best Washing Machine Malaysia
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Finding the right washing machine in Malaysia can be a challenge. There are 20 top options to make your laundry day easier. This article will guide you through types, features, and tips for picking the best washing machine.

Keep reading to simplify your choice.

Types of Washing Machine in Malaysia

Selecting the appropriate washing machine is crucial for effective laundry care, with Malaysia offering a diverse range of models to cater to various needs and preferences.

  1. Top Load Washing Machines: Renowned for their convenience, these machines allow easy addition of clothes without bending over, making them ideal for individuals with back issues. They often boast shorter cycle times and can be more budget-friendly compared to front-loading alternatives.
  2. Front Load Washing Machines: Noted for their energy efficiency, front loaders consume less water and electricity while delivering superior cleaning performance, especially for heavily soiled items.
  3. Washer Dryer Combos: Perfect for space-conscious homes in Malaysia, these units combine washing and drying functionalities into one appliance, saving floor space and eliminating the need to transfer laundry between machines. They prove invaluable during rainy days when outdoor drying isn’t feasible.
  4. High-Efficiency (HE) Washers: Available in both top loading and front loading designs, HE washers utilize low-water volume wash cycles and are compatible with specially formulated detergents. They offer substantial savings on water and energy bills over time.
  5. Portable Washing Machines: Ideal for tenants or those with limited living spaces, portable washers are compact yet efficient. They can be connected to a sink during use and conveniently stored away

Overview of Best Washing Machines in Malaysia

Overview washing machine malaysia
Product NameBrandProduct TypePriceWhere to Buy
Ezlife 11L Mini Washing Machine #17584EzlifePortableRM110.00Shopee
TOSHIBA Portable Mini Washing Machine 2 in 1TOSHIBAPortableRM199.00Shopee
eTechno with Dryer Portable WashingeTechnoPortableRM200.00Shopee
Yangzi Spin-Dry WasherYangziPortableRM328.50Lazada
HODEKT Washing Machine With DryerHODEKTPortableRM340.00Shopee | Lazada
Midea Semi Auto Washer Washing Machine MSW-6008PMideaTop LoadRM472.00Shopee
PENSONIC Washing Machine – PWS-6005XPENSONICPortableRM499.00Lazada | Shopee
SHARP 7KG Washing Machine ES718XSHARPTop LoadRM639.00Lazada | Shopee
Toshiba AW-J800ToshibaTop LoadPr;ice starts at RM648.00 onwardsShopee
Hisense Top Load Washer WTJA1101THisenseTop LoadPrice starts at RM899.00 Shopee
Midea Fully Auto Washer MFW-EC750MideaTop LoadRM999.00Shopee
LG Washing T2311VS2BLGTop LoadRM1,999.00Shopee
Khind Washing Machine WM120AKhindTop LoadPr;ice starts at RM1,299.00 onwardsShopee
Electrolux – EWT9588H1WB EliteCare Washing MachineElectroluxTop LoadRM1,389.00Electrolux
Hisense 5 STAR Front Load Washing Machine WF1P7071BWHisenseFront LoadRM1,499.00Lazada
Midea Washing Machine MF100W75MideaFront LoadRM1,799.00Lazada | Shopee
HAIER Super Inverter Washing Machine HW105-BP1239S8HAIERFront LoadRM1,899.00Shopee
Toshiba AW-UK1150HM WasherToshibaTop LoadRM2,199.00Lazada | Shopee
Elba Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing MachineElbaTop LoadRM2,999.00Shopee
Electrolux – EWF8024P5WB Washing MachineElectroluxFront LoadRM3,229.00Electrolux

20 Best Washing Machines in Malaysia

Discover the top-performing washing machines in Malaysia with our curated list of the best models available. From cutting-edge features to exceptional performance, find the perfect washing machine to suit your needs and elevate your laundry experience.

Ezlife 11L Mini Washing Machine #17584


The 11L Mini Washing Machine Folding Portable #17584 is your compact solution for on-the-go laundry needs. With its innovative folding design and lightweight construction, it’s easy to carry and store, making it ideal for small spaces or travel. Despite its size, it offers efficient washing capabilities, helping you keep your clothes fresh and clean wherever you are.

Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesMini folding washing machine, One key to open, easy laundry, Save water, save electricity, save time, 5min : Standard wash mode,10min: Gentle wash mode, 1min: Drain mode

TOSHIBA Portable Mini Washing Machine 2 in 1


The TOSHIBA Portable Mini Washing Machine 2 in 1 offers a convenient 9-liter capacity, designed for efficiency and ease of use. This compact unit features both automatic and manual modes, allowing for customization of your washing experience. Additionally, it includes a unique clothes folding feature, making it an ideal solution for small spaces and light laundry needs.

Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesDelicates, Large Capacity, Quick Wash, Quiet Operation

eTechno with Dryer Portable Washing


The eTechno Mini Washing Machine with Dryer is a portable and compact solution for small spaces and on-the-go laundry needs. This appliance combines washing and drying capabilities, making it ideal for apartments, RVs, or camping. It features straightforward controls and a small footprint, accommodating up to a few items of clothing at a time.

Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesBody Material: Plastic PP+ABS/White, Black, Voltage (V): 220V-240V/110V, Frequency (Hz): 50/60H, Power: 300W Power Cord Length: 1.2 meters Plug: Malaysia (UK) Standard 3 pin Plug, Motor: Copper-Clad Aluminum Motor, Type: 5kg & 7kg

Yangzi Spin-Dry Washer


The Yangzi Small Spin-Dry Mini Dehydrator is an ideal appliance for compact living spaces, such as apartments and dormitories. This mini dehydrator efficiently removes excess water from clothes, making it an excellent companion for hand-washing or as an adjunct to a traditional washing machine. Its compact size ensures it fits easily in small areas, while its simple operation allows for hassle-free use.

Where To BuyLazada
FeaturesQuick Wash, Auto Start After Blackout, Washboard Texture Stainless Steel Tub, Soak wash

HODEKT Washing Machine With Dryer


The HODEKT Mini Portable Washing Machine combines convenience with advanced technology. This compact unit features a 4.5kg capacity, perfect for small spaces and light loads. It is equipped with an automatic system and includes Blue-ray sterilization to ensure thorough cleaning and hygiene.

Where To BuyShopee | Lazada
FeaturesWhen washing, hang the drain pipe and take out the dehydration basket. Put down the drain pipe during dehydration, put it in the dehydration basket and fasten it with the bottom of the washing machine, and adjust the dehydration time. Has blue light bacteriostatic function, Low decibel, low noise.

Midea Semi Auto Washer Washing Machine MSW-6008P


The Midea Semi Auto Washer Washing Machine MSW-6008P is a semi-automatic, top-loading washing machine designed to offer a balance between manual control and automated functionality. It features a dual-tub design with a washing capacity of 6 kilograms, making it suitable for small to medium-sized households.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesQuick Wash,Extra rinse cycle,Spin dry,Fuzzy Logic,Manual Dispenser

PENSONIC Washing Machine – PWS-6005X


The PENSONIC Semi Auto Washing Machine PWS-6005X provides efficient and convenient laundry solutions in a 6KG capacity. With its user-friendly design and robust construction, it offers reliable performance for your washing needs. Featuring multiple wash programs and adjustable settings, it ensures thorough cleaning while being gentle on your clothes. Enjoy hassle-free laundry with PENSONIC’s trusted quality.

Where To BuyLazada | Shopee
FeaturesSingle body, High bottom base, Transparent cover, Air dry, Aluminum motor, 3 control knobs, Wash 6kg; Spin 4.5kg

SHARP 7KG Washing Machine ES718X


The SHARP 7KG FULLY AUTO Washing Machine ES718X is designed for efficiency and convenience. This fully automatic washer features a 7kg capacity, ideal for small to medium-sized households. It offers multiple wash settings to handle various types of fabrics and soil levels. The model boasts energy-saving technology and a user-friendly interface, making laundry an easier task.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyLazada | Shopee
FeaturesQuick Wash, Auto Start After Blackout, Washboard Texture Stainless Steel Tub, Soak wash, 7kg, fuzzy control

Toshiba AW-J800


The Toshiba Fully Auto Washing Machine range, available in 7KG, 8KG, and 9KG capacities (AW-J800, AW-M801, AW-M901), combines reliability with cutting-edge technology. With a range of wash programs and smart features, these machines offer efficient and thorough cleaning for your laundry. Enjoy ease of use and dependable performance for your washing needs with Toshiba’s trusted quality.

PricePr;ice starts at RM648.00 onwards
TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesSoft Close Lid (Tempered Glass), The great wave washing tech, No angular design, Silk pattern lid, With detergent (mix with water), softener dispenser (mix with water)

Hisense Top Load Washer WTJA1101T


The Hisense DD INVERTER Top Load Washer is available in three capacities: 8kg, 10.5kg, and 13.0kg, catering to different household sizes and laundry needs. This washing machine utilizes advanced inverter technology to optimize energy efficiency and reduce noise levels. The top-loading design makes it easy to load and unload laundry, while multiple wash settings adapt to various fabric types and stains.

PricePrice starts at RM899.00
TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesMotor Type: Inverter Motor, Spin Speed (RPM): 677, Water Pressure (Mpa): 0.03 – 0.8

Midea Fully Auto Washer MFW-EC750


The Midea Fully Auto Washer series includes models MFW-EC750, MFW-EC850, and MFW-EC950, with capacities of 7.5kg, 8.5kg, and 9.5kg respectively. These washing machines are designed to meet the laundry needs of different household sizes. Each model offers a range of automatic washing programs to efficiently handle various fabric types and stains.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesLunar Dial, Auto Clean, Hygiene, Water Cube Tub, Easy-To-Clean Metal Lint Filter, 15mins Quick Wash, One Touch Smart Wash

LG Washing T2311VS2B


The LG 11kg Top Load Washing Machine T2311VS2B with Smart Inverter combines generous capacity with smart technology for efficient and effective laundry care. Its powerful yet energy-efficient motor adjusts its power consumption based on the load, ensuring optimal performance while saving energy. With intuitive controls and versatile wash cycles, it offers convenience and versatility for all your laundry needs.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesInverter Motor, Washing (kg) 11, Drum Volume (cu.ft) 2.65, Motor Type: Inverter, Spin RPM: 740

Khind Washing Machine WM120A / Pensonic PWA-1101X


The Khind Fully Auto Washing Machine (12kg) WM120A and Pensonic PWA-1101X offer effortless laundry care with a generous 12kg capacity. Equipped with advanced features, including multiple wash programs and automatic functions, they make laundry chores a breeze. Enjoy efficient performance and convenience for your washing needs with these reliable machines.

PricePr;ice starts at RM1,299.00 onwards
TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesFixed Frequency Motor, Automatic dispenser, Fuzzy Logic, Soap Dispenser, Extra rinse cycle, Large Capacity, Quick Wash, Weight Capacity: 12kg

Electrolux – EWT9588H1WB EliteCare Washing Machine


Elevate your laundry experience with the Electrolux 9.5kg EliteCare 300 Top Load Washing Machine. Designed for convenience and performance, this spacious washer offers efficient cleaning while preserving fabric quality. With its advanced features and intuitive controls, it provides customizable wash cycles to suit your needs. Enjoy superior care for your clothes and hassle-free laundry with Electrolux’s EliteCare technology.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyElectrolux
FeaturesCyclonicCare gives gentle yet powerful cleaning, Prism drum minimizes friction and tangling, TubClean keeps your machine hygienically clean.

Hisense 5 STAR Front Load Washing Machine WF1P7071BW


The Hisense 5 STAR Front Load Washing Machine WF1P7071BW is a high-efficiency washer designed to offer superior cleaning performance. It boasts a 5-star energy rating, ensuring eco-friendly operation and significant energy savings. The front-loading mechanism makes it easy to access, and its various wash settings accommodate different fabrics and soil levels.

TypeFront Load
Where To BuyLazada
FeaturesQuick Wash, Add clothes during washing, durable inverter

Midea Washing Machine MF100W75


The Midea Washing Machine (7.5KG) Quick Wash Front Load Washer MF100W75 delivers efficient and reliable performance for your laundry needs. With its quick wash feature and spacious drum, it ensures thorough cleaning in no time. Equipped with user-friendly controls and multiple wash programs, it offers convenience and versatility. Experience hassle-free laundry with Midea’s trusted technology.

TypeFront Load
Where To BuyLazada | Shopee
FeaturesAuto Clean, 90 Degree Celsius Drum Clean, Lunar Dial, Multiple Temperature, One Touch Pre-Wash

HAIER Super Inverter Washing Machine HW105-BP1239S8


The HAIER Super Inverter Front Load Washing Machine HW105-BP1239S8 offers advanced laundry technology with its super inverter motor, designed for high efficiency and quiet operation. This front-loading washer has a capacity suitable for large households, featuring a range of customizable wash cycles to handle different fabrics and stains effectively.

TypeFront Load
Where To BuyShopee
FeaturesLarge Capacity, Quick Wash, Steam washing, Automatic dispenser, Soap Dispenser, Softner Dispenser

Toshiba AW-UK1150HM Washer


Elevate your laundry experience with the Toshiba 10.5KG Full Auto Washing Machine UK1150HM. This top-load washer combines generous capacity with advanced features for efficient and thorough cleaning. With its intuitive controls and versatile wash programs, it offers convenience and flexibility for all your laundry needs. Enjoy superior performance and reliability with Toshiba’s trusted technology.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyLazada | Shopee
FeaturesQuick Wash,Large Capacity,Extra rinse cycle

Elba Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine


The Elba Top Loading Fully Automatic Washing Machine is available in two capacities: 10kg and 12kg, making it suitable for medium to large households. This fully automatic washer is designed for ease of use with a top-loading feature that allows for easy access and less strain during loading and unloading. It offers multiple wash programs to handle a variety of fabrics and soil levels, ensuring thorough cleaning.

TypeTop Load
Where To BuyShopee
Features8 Water Level Selection, 4 stage of washing cycle: Soak, Wash, Rinse, Spin, Drum Volume: 78L StainlessSteel

Electrolux – EWF8024P5WB Washing Machine


Experience the pinnacle of laundry care with the Electrolux 8kg UltimateCare 500 Front Load Washing Machine. Designed for efficiency and gentleness, it features a spacious drum and advanced technology to handle your laundry with care. With intuitive controls and a range of wash programs, this machine ensures optimal cleaning results while preserving the quality of your clothes. Enjoy peace of mind and superior performance with Electrolux’s renowned reliability.

TypeFront Load
Where To BuyElectrolux
FeaturesNo more visible detergent residue with UltraMix, HygienicCare removes 99.9% allergens and germs, EcoInverter motor uses 50% less energy.

Tips for Choosing the Best Washing Machine in Malaysia

Consider the capacity, energy efficiency, budget, and additional features when choosing the best washing machine in Malaysia. Discover essential factors that will help you make an informed decision.


For those who have larger households or need to wash bulky items regularly, an 8kg option might be more appropriate, capable of handling up to 40 shirts in one go. Electrolux offers models varying from five to ten kilograms, allowing you to find the best front load washing machine in Malaysia that matches your requirement.

Energy efficiency

Choosing a washing machine in Malaysia with a high energy efficiency rating can significantly reduce electricity and water usage. This not only leads to lower utility bills but also contributes positively to environmental conservation.

Opting for a washer from the best washing machine brand in Malaysia that prioritises energy saving helps families manage their expenses better while supporting sustainability efforts.


Setting your budget is key before shopping for the best washing machine Malaysia offers. Prices vary widely, so determining how much you’re willing to spend helps narrow down your options.

Consider both the initial cost and potential savings on utility bills with energy-efficient models like the best front load washing machine Malaysia or the best top load washing machine Malaysia.

Additional features

Choosing the best washing machine in Malaysia goes beyond basic functions. People often seek models with features that simplify their laundry tasks.

  1. Automatic dosing systems save time and ensure optimal detergent use for every wash, preventing waste and ensuring clothes come out perfectly clean.
  2. Speed Perfect technology drastically reduces washing time by up to 65%, making it ideal for hectic schedules without compromising on cleanliness.
  3. Steam functions help in removing stubborn stains and kill bacteria, ensuring a hygienic wash for your clothes and bedding.
  4. WiFi connectivity allows users to control their washing machine via a smartphone app, providing convenience to start, pause, or monitor washing cycles from anywhere.
  5. Delay start timers give flexibility to schedule laundry at more convenient times, such as during off – peak energy hours or when you are due to arrive home.
  6. Child lock features keep settings secure from curious little hands, ensuring that ongoing cycles can’t be tampered with accidentally.
  7. In – built water heaters increase temperature options for wash cycles, which is particularly useful for heavily soiled clothes or specific fabric types requiring higher temperatures.
  8. Eco – friendly cycles offer lower energy consumption options, supporting households in reducing their carbon footprint while still achieving thorough cleaning results.

Each of these additional features enhances the user experience by offering convenience, efficiency, and peace of mind. Finding the best washer dryer in Malaysia or the best washing machine brand in Malaysia means considering these innovative functionalities that cater to modern living requirements.


Exploring the best washing machine options in Malaysia equips you with all you need for a smarter, more efficient laundry day. These top picks, from energy-efficient models to those boasting advanced features, cater to various preferences and budgets.

With guidance on key considerations like capacity and budget, finding the perfect washing machine becomes simpler. This guide stands as your ally, ensuring your choice brings convenience into your home while meeting all your laundry needs.

Make an informed decision today and transform your laundry routine with one of the best washing machines in Malaysia.


1. What are the best washing machine brands in Malaysia?

The best washing machine brands in Malaysia include those known for their reliability and efficiency, perfect for meeting your laundry day needs.

2. Can I find a good washer dryer in Malaysia?

Yes, you can find excellent washer dryers in Malaysia that combine both washing and drying capabilities, making them a great choice for saving space and time.

3. Are there any good washing machines available in Malaysia?

Absolutely! Malaysia offers a wide range of good washing machines designed to cater to different preferences and requirements, ensuring you get clean clothes every time.

4. How do I choose the best washing machine or washer dryer in Malaysia?

When choosing the best option, consider factors like brand reputation, capacity, energy efficiency, and whether you need a standalone washing machine or a combo with a dryer to make an informed decision.

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