8 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Gift In Malaysia

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There is nothing more rewarding than having a baby in your life. And nothing is more precious than watching a baby smile. Gifting a baby is the most extraordinary way to show appreciation for their presence in your life. The task of choosing a suitable gift for a baby’s birthday, Christmas, or other occasions can be challenging. Due to the fact that most of us don’t purchase baby gifts regularly, we may need a little guidance. 

If you are wondering how to choose a suitable gift for a baby, you have come to the right place. In this write-up, we will show 8 tips to help you pick the perfect baby gift. Whether you are a new parent or want to buy a baby gift for someone close to you, these tips will be very helpful. Let’s get started 

8 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Gift 

Consider the gender 

Taking the baby’s gender into account is crucial before picking a gift. If your friend announces they are expecting, you need to determine the gender before buying a gift. There are dedicated gifts for baby boys or baby girls to choose from. Knowing gender will quickly narrow down the baby gift options available in the Malaysian market. Besides, according to the gender of the recipient, you can choose the right gift colour. This is especially important if you buy a baby’s cloth as a gift. 

Be aware of the baby’s age

You can determine what kind of gift to give a baby based on the child’s age. There is a difference between a newborn baby gift and the gift of a 4-year-old baby. 

Newborn baby hampers make great gifts for new parents. Alternatively, if you buy a gift for a child of 4 years old, the ideal choice would be a building kit, storybooks, board games, etc. We all know how quickly babies grow, so it is essential to remember when picking a gift for them. Playing with advanced toys for a baby is unpleasant for both the baby and the parents. To ensure you are buying the right gift, check the age limit before buying it. 

Check out some of the gifts that are suitable for babies according to their age.

AgePreferable Gifts
Newborn babiesBaby showers gifts, baby clothes, etc
1-year-old babySensory toys, dancing dolls, etc
2-years-old babyKitchen set, lego set, etc
3-years-old babyCreative toys like paints, simple puzzle games, etc
4 years old babyStory books, children’s gadgets, etc

Make sure the baby’s gift is safe

When choosing a gift for babies, it is crucial that the item is safe for them. Make sure the gift you are purchasing does not contain harmful materials. If you are giving a baby hamper, make sure every item is non-toxic. When babies play with an item, they touch it through their lips and mouths. If the item contains a toxic element (like lead), then it could be harmful to the baby. Before making a final selection, you can check the manufacturer’s certificate and the building elements. 

You should ensure that the fabric material is suitable for babies if you give swaddles as a baby gift. In spite of the fact that all baby gifts in Malaysia are manufactured with the right regulations, you still need to be careful when choosing an infant present. Make sure you select a toy that is made from sustainable materials and free of PCV, BPAS, phthalates, and other chemicals that can be harmful. 

Select baby gift hampers according to the occasion 

If you are going to buy a gift for an occasion, you can narrow down the selection. For example, if you’re attending a baby’s birthday party, you should bring some fun items. A baby shower hamper can be a thoughtful gift if you are going to attend a baby shower party.

A baby shower is a party where people present gifts and greetings to the mother and baby. You can find gifts for this occasion, such as baby care items or toys for toddlers, such as educational mats or soft toys. You must choose the right items for your baby shower hamper. You can research or ask the parents whether they particularly need something.  

Find something useful 

You can find thousands of gift items available out there that you can give as a gift to a baby. However, you must make sure that you select items that will be useful to the baby. In Malaysia, most parents are grateful to receive helpful baby gifts when they are given to them by someone they love. Additionally, giving the right gift to the child according to his or her age and gender is essential. You should make sure the outfit fits well and is adorable if you are buying an outfit for a baby gift Malaysia. You should add useful items like diaper bags and baby carriers as gifts for new moms. Besides, you can ask the parents to look at their registry to understand their needs.  

Mommy and newborn baby playing with our baby gift toys
Mommy and 2 babies looknig at camera and playing with our gift sets

Select the best item within your budget 

Budget-friendly gifts are always a good choice. You should spend only a little money on buying a baby gift. After all, babies don’t play with a gift for a long time. To get some idea of the items, you can visit online stores. Some people need help finding a quality item that is suitable for babies at an affordable price. If you are looking for a reliable dedicated shop that offers baby gifts in KL & Malaysia, you should consider Blissbies

It is always better to select items from an online store where you get a wide range of options at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for baby shower gifts or hampers, you will get everything in the Blissbies. Before buying a gift for a baby, ask the parents what they need and what the baby likes. It is always helpful to choose the right baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts. 

A playable baby gift is always the best choice

It is natural for babies to enjoy spending time playing. Make sure you choose gifts that children will share, whether they are baby boy gifts or baby girl gifts. You can select board games or puzzles that can be useful for years. For older children, these will be useful for years and can foster healthy competition that is fun and healthy. Toys are the primary thing that plays a vital role in teaching new things to babies. You can add useful toys to baby hamper gifts. Select baby gifts that encourage free play, creativity, and literacy and numeracy skills. If you’re unsure, get a book.

Choose durable baby gifts

Babies don’t know how to handle things or play with them. If you buy something for a baby, make sure it is durable enough. If you buy something sensitive, the baby can break it anytime.  A learning book can be passed down from generation to generation, takes up very little space, and has an endless shelf life. You can check online websites to find the perfect item. 

Blissbies cheese tart baby hamper set

Final Words

Hope the tips will be helpful for you in picking the right gift for a baby. When choosing the perfect baby gift, keep in mind the child’s safety, the occasion, and his or her age. Besides, you must select something practical baby gifts that parents will operate. If you keep all these in mind, you can be sure to pick the best gift for a baby. Check out the trusty and reliable online store Blissbies for baby gift items. The online store offers a wide range of top-quality baby gift items. If you are buying your first gift from Blissbies, use FIRST10 to get 10% off.


What is an appropriate baby gift?

Practical presents like diapers and baby shampoo are more beneficial than lovely layettes or bath towels because many parents save baby items and toys once their first child outgrows them.

Can I give cash as a baby gift?

Yes, it is possible to give cash to parents as a gift. Since it’s not a traditional approach, you may feel awkward giving money as a gift for a newborn baby gift.  

How to best get baby gifts in Malaysia?

Many online and offline stores are available to buy gifts for babies in Malaysia. To pick an affordable and quality baby gift in Malaysia, you should choose a credible shop like Blissbies. The online store offers quality baby gift items at reasonable prices and delivers them on time.

Should you bring a gift for the first time meeting a baby?

If you are going to meet a baby for the first time, bringing a gift would be great. It would be appreciated if you brought a newborn baby hamper with the necessary items.

What is the best for baby boy gifts?

There is no exact answer to the question. Your choice and budget determine the gift primarily. Depending on the baby’s age and size, you can select from a wide range of playing items and stylish clothes. Make sure the items are not made from unhealthy materials.  

What should I gift to a new mother?

New moms would appreciate gifts that promote rest, relaxation, and self-care, such as cozy robes, face masks, and eye gels. Besides, you can give newborn baby hampers with necessary items.

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