10 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Gift in Singapore

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Choosing a perfect gift for a baby is always difficult because there are so many options. If you’re going to a baby shower, birthday party, or any other occasion in Singapore, choose a gift that will make the baby smile. Besides,  you must ensure the gift is useful and that the parents appreciate it. 

But what factors should you consider while choosing a perfect baby gift? If you don’t know the answer to the question, you are at the right place. This article will show 10 tips to help you pick the perfect baby gift in Singapore. 

10 Tips To Help You Pick The Perfect Baby Gift

Consider the gender 

You should consider the gender of the baby before choosing a gift. It is crucial to take the baby’s gender into account to select a suitable gift. It will help you to select the color and type of gift. You can narrow down the gift options by knowing the gender of the baby. Aside from that, some products are designed specifically for a particular gender. If you are going to a baby shower program and do not know the gender, a baby hamper(various adorable baby items in a single useful gift) is a perfect gift.

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Select a gift according to the baby’s age 

Consider products that are suitable for their age when buying presents.  From birth to 3 months, the baby is considered a newborn. You should select a gift according to theirs. For example, a newborn baby’s gifts differ from a baby who is 1 year old. Besides, baby shower gifts are different from newborn baby gifts. So before choosing a gift, consider the age of the baby. It will help you to choose the perfect one. 

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Choose practical and useful baby gifts 

It is important to choose a gift that is of high quality. The gift you give should be one that will last a long time. It shouldn’t be something that will be thrown out after a few uses. Research the product and business online before purchasing the present. The quality will be immediately apparent to you based on other people’s feedback. If you are gifting a baby hamper, make sure every item is useful. In Singapore, parents appreciate receiving helpful baby gifts from loved ones. You should add useful items like diaper bags if you gift a baby hamper.

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Ensure quality 

Choose something useful, whether buying a baby boy gift or a baby girl gift. When you search online, there will be an uncountable number of baby gift options for you. But make sure you choose something useful. For example, buying toys will be a great option. In case you are having trouble selecting a useful gift for a new mother, consider gifts for new moms. Don’t worry; that also counts as a baby gift.

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Make sure the gift is safe

It does not matter what kind of baby gifts you choose; you must ensure they are safe. Check the built-in material and ensure that the item is safe for children. We all know that when babies play with an item, they touch and lick it through their mouth and tongue. If baby gifts contain any toxic element, it can affect their health. 

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Value for money

You should buy a gift that represents value for money. The quality of products made in Singapore may be higher, so you may have to pay more. A cheap gift is likely to be of low quality if it is cheap. But when selecting a gift, you should also remember that babies don’t use an item for a long time. So spending too much will also be a waste of money. The best gifts are always budget-friendly. Online stores are a good place to see what’s available and choose the best baby gift. Because there are many items to choose from, if you are looking for an affordable and best-quality baby gift Singapore, you should consider  Blissbies

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Take into account the occasion

You can narrow down the selection when purchasing a gift for an occasion. For instance, bringing fun items to a baby’s birthday party is a good idea. A baby shower hamper is a great gift if you are going to attend a baby shower in Singapore. A gift for Christmas will be different from a gift for a birthday. So if you attend any occasion, select an item according to the occasion. 

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Check the registry 

Parents-to-be create a baby registry to list the items they plan to purchase for their new child. No rule says you must purchase a gift the couple has chosen for themselves. However, there are times when straying from the registry is better than others. Feel free to pick out something for the couple if you know their tastes and preferences well. 

Besides, you can ask the parents to look at their registry to understand their needs.  You should check the registry if you are going to buy baby shower gifts

If you are searching for baby shower gifts or hampers, Blissbies has a wide variety of baby gift items. Consider the parents’ needs and the baby’s preferences before purchasing a gift for a baby.

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Be creative 

Think about the parents’ taste when deciding on a baby gift. A present that suits their style will be more likely to be used. Packaging plays a huge role in how gifts are received. Ensure that they are beautifully wrapped and presented professionally. You can do nice packaging to stand out your gifts from others. 

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Keep it simple

It is always a good idea to keep the gift simple. Besides, if you are not sure what to buy, you can always consider baby toys. You should not buy fancy dresses, or large items babies cannot play with. Rather than spending money on extravagant items, select playful and adorable items. Both parents and babies love to get playful and safe items.

Looking for the best newborn baby gift in Singapore?

If you are looking for an eco-friendly, safe, and playful newborn Baby gift item in Singapore, then you could consider Blissbies Cheese Tart gift set. The baby gift item is safely suitable for newborns to 12 months old. There is no doubt that the parents of Singapore will appreciate the gift item. 

Parents will be able to play with their loved ones with soft toys. Besides, there are cloth books for the babies. The colorful art cards and shaker will stimulate babies’ senses. The item will be delivered within 2-5 days after placing the order. Interested to buy Blissbies Cheese Tart? Check the details below:

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Shipping fee:Free

Final Words

We have compiled 10 tips to help you pick your perfect gift in Singapore. Don’t forget to consider the age, occasion, and child safety when choosing the perfect baby gift. Besides, you must select one that is playful and affordable. If you keep all these in mind, you can be sure to pick the best gift for a baby. 

Check out the trusty and reliable online store Blissbies if you’re looking for baby gifts. There is a wide selection of top-quality baby gift items available at the online store. For a 10% discount, use the FIRST10 coupon code. 

Get the best quality baby gifts at a reasonable price.


What is an appropriate baby gift amount?

People usually spend $50 to $150 on a baby gift. It is common for people to spend between $50 and $100 on friends or distant relatives. The average person spends between $100 and $200 on close friends or family members

Are you supposed to give a gift when a baby is born?

Take a little gift or two to the new parents’ home if you visit the newborn baby’s family. A baby’s hampers or playable items will be great ones. Besides, you can bring mom care gifts. 

What kind of gifts do parents like to give their babies?

Most mothers want something playful for their children. Make sure you choose a playful and useful gift for the babies. Besides, mothers want to provide items that are safe for their children. While choosing a gift you should buy something that is not made with any harmful materials that are not safe for the child. 

What is the best way to buy baby gifts in Singapore?

 can use online stores to choose a baby gift in Singapore. Rather than taking any hassle select a reliable online store like Blissbies and order a suitable baby gift.

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