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A box of delightful toys to help parents bring smiles to their little loved ones and stimulate their senses.

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How blissbies works?

We curate delightful and meaningful toys as gifts to support new parents and provide a good learning journey for their newborns.

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Step 1

Pick a gift box type from our list of gift options.

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Step 2

Fill in your details and pay with PayPal/credit card.

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Step 3

We will prepare your gift box and ship within 24 hours.

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We will send the shipping details over to your email.

Why blissbies?​

We started this because we have the same issues as every new parent and we wish we can do one thing to make their life just a little bit easier.

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The toys we curate are unisex, safe and entertaining

If you’re wondering what kind of gift for your friend or loved ones’ baby, blissbies toy gift box might be a good choice.

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It helps to entertain and attract baby’s attention

Baby requires a lot of attention most of the time. We have curated these toys to help entertain and distract them.

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The more the merrier

Parents can never have enough toys for their babies. Sometimes, baby might get bored with the same sets of toys they see everyday.

How we curate our toys

We understand you may have doubt whether the toys are good. Let us share with you that these are principles we follow.

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Our son likes it

We make sure at least one baby likes it first.

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Safe for playing and sleeping

We don’t curate items like cloth as we think it might not be newborn-safe.

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It is entertaining and fun

All the toys we curate must be fun and interesting to play.

What if blissbies good for?

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Newborn gift
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Full-month gift
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100 days gift
baby ball malaysia
Full-year gift

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