Choosing the Perfect Date: Why 2024 Offers an Auspicious Year for Weddings

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Selecting the right wedding date can be as daunting as planning the event itself. With 2024 touted as an especially auspicious year for tying the knot, couples are eager to find their perfect day.

Our guide unveils a treasure trove of lucky dates and cultural insights to ensure your union begins under the most favourable stars. Keep reading; your dream date awaits!

Understanding the Importance of an Auspicious Wedding Date

Choosing the right wedding date is more than just picking any day off the calendar. In cultures like Chinese tradition, the concept of an auspicious wedding date runs deep, influencing not only the mood but also believed to impact the couple’s future together.

A well-selected auspicious date aligns with celestial and zodiacal elements to bring harmony, prosperity, and happiness in a couple’s life journey. Hence, many regard this decision as a foundational step towards building a harmonious marriage.

Consulting an almanac or expert astrologers forms part of this crucial process to pinpoint dates that promise positive energy flows and beneficial influences. Couples often take into account their own birthdates and zodiac signs when choosing an auspicious wedding date in 2024.

This ensures that both individuals are supported by their inherent energies on what will be one of their most significant days together as partners for life.

Auspicious Dates for Weddings in 2024

Auspicious Dates for Weddings in 2024

From January to December 2024, there are several auspicious dates for weddings based on the Chinese Zodiac signs and numerology. Understanding these factors can help couples choose the perfect date for their special day.

DatesDays of the WeekLunar DateClash Zodiac Sign
January 02TuesdayNovember 21, 2023Goat
January 06SaturdayNovember 25, 2023Pig
January 07SundayNovember 26, 2023Rat
January 09TuesdayNovember 28, 2023Tiger
January 11ThursdayDecember 1, 2023Dragon
January 16TuesdayDecember 6, 2023Rooster
January 18ThursdayDecember 8, 2023Pig
January 19FridayDecember 9, 2023Rat
January 21SundayDecember 11, 2023Tiger
January 28SundayDecember 18, 2023Rooster
January 30TuesdayDecember 20, 2023Pig
January 31WednesdayDecember 21, 2023Rat
February 02FridayDecember 23, 2023Tiger
February 09FridayDecember 30, 2023Rooster
February 10SaturdayJanuary 1, 2024Dog
February 13TuesdayJanuary 4, 2024Ox
February 18SundayJanuary 9, 2024Horse
February 21WednesdayJanuary 12, 2024Rooster
February 22ThursdayJanuary 13, 2024Dog
February 25SundayJanuary 16, 2024Ox
March 01FridayJanuary 21, 2024Horse
March 04MondayJanuary 24, 2024Rooster
March 08FridayJanuary 28, 2024Ox
March 11MondayFebruary 2, 2024Dragon
March 13WednesdayFebruary 4, 2024Horse
March 16SaturdayFebruary 7, 2024Rooster
March 19TuesdayFebruary 10, 2024Rat
March 21ThursdayFebruary 12, 2024Tiger
March 23SaturdayFebruary 14, 2024Dragon
March 25MondayFebruary 16, 2024Horse
March 26TuesdayFebruary 17, 2024Goat
March 28ThursdayFebruary 19, 2024Rooster
March 31SundayFebruary 22, 2024Rat
April 01MondayFebruary 23, 2024Ox
April 02TuesdayFebruary 24, 2024Tiger
April 08MondayFebruary 30, 2024Monkey
April 09TuesdayMarch 1, 2024Rooster
April 12FridayMarch 4, 2024Rat
April 20SaturdayMarch 12, 2024Monkey
April 24WednesdayMarch 16, 2024Rat
May 02ThursdayMarch 24, 2024Monkey
May 06MondayMarch 28, 2024Rat
May 09ThursdayApril 2, 2024Rabbit
May 12SundayApril 5, 2024Horse
May 15WednesdayApril 8, 2024Rooster
May 16ThursdayApril 9, 2024Dog
May 21TuesdayApril 14, 2024Rabbit
May 22WednesdayApril 15, 2024Dragon
May 24FridayApril 17, 2024Horse
May 28TuesdayApril 21, 2024Dog
May 30ThursdayApril 23, 2024Rat
June 01SaturdayApril 25, 2024Tiger
June 03MondayApril 27, 2024Dragon
June 06ThursdayMay 1, 2024Goat
June 09SundayMay 4, 2024Dog
June 10MondayMay 5, 2024Pig
June 12WednesdayMay 7, 2024Ox
June 15SaturdayMay 10, 2024Dragon
June 24MondayMay 19, 2024Ox
June 25TuesdayMay 20, 2024Tiger
June 26WednesdayMay 21, 2024Rabbit
June 27ThursdayMay 22, 2024Dragon
July 03WednesdayMay 28, 2024Dog
July 04ThursdayMay 29, 2024Pig
July 06SaturdayJune 1, 2024Ox
July 07SundayJune 2, 2024Tiger
July 08MondayJune 3, 2024Rabbit
July 09TuesdayJune 4, 2024Dragon
July 13SaturdayJune 8, 2024Monkey
July 14SundayJune 9, 2024Rooster
July 19FridayJune 14, 2024Tiger
July 20SaturdayJune 15, 2024Rabbit
July 25ThursdayJune 20, 2024Monkey
July 26FridayJune 21, 2024Rooster
July 28SundayJune 23, 2024Pig
July 30TuesdayJune 25, 2024Ox
August 01ThursdayJune 27, 2024Rabbit
August 02FridayJune 28, 2024Dragon
August 06TuesdayJuly 3, 2024Monkey
August 07WednesdayJuly 4, 2024Rooster
August 08ThursdayJuly 5, 2024Dog
August 10SaturdayJuly 7, 2024Rat
August 11SundayJuly 8, 2024Ox
August 20TuesdayJuly 17, 2024Dog
August 22ThursdayJuly 19, 2024Rat
August 28WednesdayJuly 25, 2024Horse
August 31SaturdayJuly 28, 2024Rooster
September 02MondayJuly 30, 2024Pig
September 03TuesdayAugust 1, 2024Rat
September 05ThursdayAugust 3, 2024Tiger
September 10TuesdayAugust 8, 2024Goat
September 13FridayAugust 11, 2024Dog
September 15SundayAugust 13, 2024Rat
September 17TuesdayAugust 15, 2024Tiger
September 19ThursdayAugust 17, 2024Dragon
September 22SundayAugust 20, 2024Goat
September 25WednesdayAugust 23, 2024Dog
September 27FridayAugust 25, 2024Rat
September 29SundayAugust 27, 2024Tiger
October 01TuesdayAugust 29, 2024Dragon
October 07MondaySeptember 5, 2024Dog
October 09WednesdaySeptember 7, 2024Rat
October 13SundaySeptember 11, 2024Dragon
October 20SundaySeptember 18, 2024Pig
October 21MondaySeptember 19, 2024Rat
October 22TuesdaySeptember 20, 2024Ox
October 23WednesdaySeptember 21, 2024Tiger
October 24ThursdaySeptember 22, 2024Rabbit
October 30WednesdaySeptember 28, 2024Rooster
November 02SaturdayOctober 2, 2024Rat
November 04MondayOctober 4, 2024Tiger
November 05TuesdayOctober 5, 2024Rabbit
November 08FridayOctober 8, 2024Horse
November 11MondayOctober 11, 2024Rooster
November 14ThursdayOctober 14, 2024Rat
November 20WednesdayOctober 20, 2024Horse
November 22FridayOctober 22, 2024Monkey
November 23SaturdayOctober 23, 2024Rooster
November 26TuesdayOctober 26, 2024Rat
November 29FridayOctober 29, 2024Rabbit
November 30SaturdayOctober 30, 2024Dragon
December 02MondayNovember 2, 2024Horse
December 05ThursdayNovember 5, 2024Rooster
December 07SaturdayNovember 7, 2024Pig
December 15SundayNovember 15, 2024Goat
December 27FridayNovember 27, 2024Goat
December 31TuesdayDecember 1, 2024Pig

Expert advice suggests that May, July, August, October, and November are particularly favourable for wedlock in 2024. Holidays and notable days in January are also viewed as a promising start for matrimonial journeys.

Auspicious Dates for Weddings in 2025

In the year 2025, from January to December, there are several auspicious dates for weddings based on the Chinese Zodiac signs and numerology. Understanding these factors can help couples choose the perfect date for their special day. Here are some of the auspicious wedding dates for 2025:

DatesDays of the WeekLunar DateClash Zodiac Sign
January 03FridayDecember 4, 2024Tiger
January 05SundayDecember 6, 2024Dragon
January 10FridayDecember 11, 2024Rooster
January 12SundayDecember 13, 2024Pig
January 13MondayDecember 14, 2024Rat
January 15WednesdayDecember 16, 2024Tiger
January 22WednesdayDecember 23, 2024Rooster
January 24FridayDecember 25, 2024Pig
January 25SaturdayDecember 26, 2024Rat
January 27MondayDecember 28, 2024Tiger
February 02SundayJanuary 5, 2025Monkey
February 03MondayJanuary 6, 2025Rooster
February 04TuesdayJanuary 7, 2025Dog
February 07FridayJanuary 10, 2025Ox
February 12WednesdayJanuary 15, 2025Horse
February 15SaturdayJanuary 18, 2025Rooster
February 16SundayJanuary 19, 2025Dog
February 19WednesdayJanuary 22, 2025Ox
February 24MondayJanuary 27, 2025Horse
February 27ThursdayJanuary 30, 2025Rooster
March 02SundayFebruary 3, 2025Rat
March 03MondayFebruary 4, 2025Ox
March 06ThursdayFebruary 7, 2025Dragon
March 08SaturdayFebruary 9, 2025Horse
March 11TuesdayFebruary 12, 2025Rooster
March 14FridayFebruary 15, 2025Rat
March 16SundayFebruary 17, 2025Tiger
March 18TuesdayFebruary 19, 2025Dragon
March 20ThursdayFebruary 21, 2025Horse
March 21FridayFebruary 22, 2025Goat
March 23SundayFebruary 24, 2025Rooster
March 26WednesdayFebruary 27, 2025Rat
March 27ThursdayFebruary 28, 2025Ox
March 28FridayFebruary 29, 2025Tiger
April 02WednesdayMarch 5, 2025Goat
April 04FridayMarch 7, 2025Rooster
April 07MondayMarch 10, 2025Rat
April 15TuesdayMarch 18, 2025Monkey
April 19SaturdayMarch 22, 2025Rat
April 27SundayMarch 30, 2025Monkey
April 30WednesdayApril 3, 2025Pig
May 01ThursdayApril 4, 2025Rat
May 07WednesdayApril 10, 2025Horse
May 10SaturdayApril 13, 2025Rooster
May 11SundayApril 14, 2025Dog
May 16FridayApril 19, 2025Rabbit
May 17SaturdayApril 20, 2025Dragon
May 19MondayApril 22, 2025Horse
May 23FridayApril 26, 2025Dog
May 25SundayApril 28, 2025Rat
May 27TuesdayMay 1, 2025Tiger
May 29ThursdayMay 3, 2025Dragon
May 31SaturdayMay 5, 2025Horse
June 03TuesdayMay 8, 2025Rooster
June 04WednesdayMay 9, 2025Dog
June 05ThursdayMay 10, 2025Pig
June 07SaturdayMay 12, 2025Ox
June 10TuesdayMay 15, 2025Dragon
June 19ThursdayMay 24, 2025Ox
June 20FridayMay 25, 2025Tiger
June 21SaturdayMay 26, 2025Rabbit
June 22SundayMay 27, 2025Dragon
June 28SaturdayJune 4, 2025Dog
June 29SundayJune 5, 2025Pig
July 01TuesdayJune 7, 2025Ox
July 04FridayJune 10, 2025Dragon
July 08TuesdayJune 14, 2025Monkey
July 09WednesdayJune 15, 2025Rooster
July 14MondayJune 20, 2025Tiger
July 15TuesdayJune 21, 2025Rabbit
July 20SundayJune 26, 2025Monkey
July 21MondayJune 27, 2025Rooster
July 23WednesdayJune 29, 2025Pig
July 25FridayJune 1, 2025Ox
July 27SundayJune 3, 2025Rabbit
July 28MondayJune 4, 2025Dragon
August 01FridayJune 8, 2025Monkey
August 02SaturdayJune 9, 2025Rooster
August 03SundayJune 10, 2025Dog
August 04MondayJune 11, 2025Pig
August 15FridayJune 22, 2025Dog
August 17SundayJune 24, 2025Rat
August 23SaturdayJuly 1, 2025Horse
August 26TuesdayJuly 4, 2025Rooster
August 28ThursdayJuly 6, 2025Pig
August 29FridayJuly 7, 2025Rat
August 31SundayJuly 9, 2025Tiger
September 02TuesdayJuly 11, 2025Dragon
September 04ThursdayJuly 13, 2025Horse
September 08MondayJuly 17, 2025Dog
September 10WednesdayJuly 19, 2025Rat
September 12FridayJuly 21, 2025Tiger
September 14SundayJuly 23, 2025Dragon
September 17WednesdayJuly 26, 2025Goat
September 20SaturdayJuly 29, 2025Dog
September 22MondayAugust 1, 2025Rat
September 24WednesdayAugust 3, 2025Tiger
September 26FridayAugust 5, 2025Dragon
October 02ThursdayAugust 11, 2025Dog
October 03FridayAugust 11, 2025Pig
October 08WednesdayAugust 11, 2025Dragon
October 15WednesdayAugust 11, 2025Pig
October 16ThursdayAugust 11, 2025Rat
October 17FridayAugust 11, 2025Ox
October 18SaturdayAugust 11, 2025Tiger
October 19SundayAugust 11, 2025Rabbit
October 25SaturdaySeptember 5, 2025Rooster
October 28TuesdaySeptember 5, 2025Rat
October 30ThursdaySeptember 5, 2025Tiger
October 31FridaySeptember 5, 2025Rabbit
November 06ThursdaySeptember 17, 2025Rooster
November 09SundaySeptember 20, 2025Rat
November 15SaturdaySeptember 26, 2025Horse
November 17MondaySeptember 28, 2025Monkey
November 18TuesdaySeptember 29, 2025Rooster
November 21FridayOctober 2, 2025Rat
November 24MondayOctober 5, 2025Rabbit
November 25TuesdayOctober 6, 2025Dragon
November 27ThursdayOctober 8, 2025Horse
November 30SundayOctober 11, 2025Rooster
December 01MondayOctober 12, 2025Dog
December 10WednesdayOctober 21, 2025Goat
December 22MondayNovember 3, 2025Goat
December 26FridayNovember 7, 2025Pig
December 29MondayNovember 10, 2025Tiger

Chinese Zodiac Signs for 2024

In 2024, those born under the Chinese zodiac signs of Monkey, Rooster, and Pig are said to have an extra dose of luck for tying the knot. Consider these signs as you search for the most auspicious wedding dates in 2024; they could bring added harmony and prosperity to your marriage.

Conversely, if you or your partner are Oxen, Rabbits, Goats, or Dogs according to the zodiac calendar, take extra care when picking out your date as these signs face a tougher outlook on love in that year.

The Chinese Zodiac, also known as Shengxiao in Chinese, is a system of astrology that assigns an animal and an element to each year in a 12-year cycle. Each year is associated with one of the 12 animal signs, and each sign is believed to have certain personality traits and characteristics associated with it.

The Chinese Zodiac is based on a lunar calendar and has been used for thousands of years in Chinese culture to determine personality traits, compatibility, and to make predictions about one’s future.

Here are the 12 Chinese Zodiac signs along with their associated years:

Rat1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, 2008, 2020
Ox (Buffalo)1925, 1937, 1949, 1961, 1973, 1985, 1997, 2009, 2021
Tiger1926, 1938, 1950, 1962, 1974, 1986, 1998, 2010, 2022
Rabbit (Hare or Cat)1927, 1939, 1951, 1963, 1975, 1987, 1999, 2011, 2023
Dragon1928, 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000, 2012, 2024
Snake1929, 1941, 1953, 1965, 1977, 1989, 2001, 2013, 2025
Horse1930, 1942, 1954, 1966, 1978, 1990, 2002, 2014, 2026
Goat (Sheep or Ram)1931, 1943, 1955, 1967, 1979, 1991, 2003, 2015, 2027
Monkey1932, 1944, 1956, 1968, 1980, 1992, 2004, 2016, 2028
Rooster (Chicken)1933, 1945, 1957, 1969, 1981, 1993, 2005, 2017, 2029
Dog1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006, 2018, 2030
Pig (Boar)1935, 1947, 1959, 1971, 1983, 1995, 2007, 2019, 2031

In addition to the animal signs, each year is also associated with one of five elements: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water. These elements further influence the personality traits and characteristics of individuals born in a particular year.

Using the Chinese Calendar for Choosing the Perfect Date

The Chinese calendar plays a pivotal role in finding auspicious wedding dates for 2024, with the rich heritage of astrology and feng shui influencing the selection. Couples often consult the Chinese Almanac Calendar to identify dates that resonate with good fortune and harmony.

This ancient system takes into account zodiac compatibility and Ba Zi, which is a person’s destiny or fate according to their birth date and time. By aligning your special day with these cosmic forces, you set the stage for a prosperous marriage filled with bliss.

Tools are available online that utilise the principles from the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac to pinpoint those precious lucky marriage dates in 2024. January emerges as an excellent month to tie the knot under this traditional framework.

Source from Chinese Wedding Guide

Based on Numerology wedding dates 2024

Moving from ancient calendars to the realm of numbers, let’s explore how numerology influences auspicious wedding dates in 2024. Numerologists have pinpointed Saturdays as prime candidates for celebrations of love, thanks to their alignment with wealth and happiness.

Couples planning their big day might find that tying the knot on these days brings a touch of extra luck to their marital journey.

February and April in 2024 are standout months for those seeking numerological blessings, offering specific dates that resonate with prosperity and strong relationships. Selecting an auspicious date from these months could set a harmonious tone for the entire marriage, crafting a story that begins on a note of cosmic serendipity.

Lucky Wedding Dates from Different Religions & Cultures

Hindu couplesOften consult the Panchang, an ancient Vedic calendar, to find the most propitious dates for weddings. Dates such as January 15th, April 17th, and November 19th feature prominently as ‘muhurat’ days in 2024.
Jewish couplesSundays are traditionally favoured for nuptials due to their symbolism of creation and beginnings. The seventh day of Passover, which falls on April 29th in 2024, is also viewed as an especially blessed time for marriage ceremonies.
Islamic traditionRelies on the Hijri calendar where certain months like Shawwal—the month following Ramadan—are seen as favourable. Dates will vary each year as the Islamic calendar is lunar-based.
Catholic pairsMay opt for dates outside of Lent and Advent when marriages are discouraged; hence May through October becomes preferable with days like May 25th or October 14th being chosen frequently.
BuddhistsMight select dates based on lunar phases or important religious days. The Vesak full moon in May is one occasion where many followers consider marrying.

How do people look for Auspicious Days?

Many individuals planning their wedding turn to cultural practices and consult with experts in Chinese astrology. They seek guidance from the Chinese Farmer’s Almanac, an ancient resource filled with wisdom on selecting the best days for important events.

This almanac outlines which days are infused with positive energy according to tradition and astrological predictions. Feng shui masters also provide insights into dates that harmonise with the couple’s birth details, ensuring a union that benefits from favourable cosmic influences.

Cultural traditions often influence how couples choose their special day, especially within communities valuing heritage practices. For example, those adhering to Chinese customs may pick a date aligning with auspicious zodiac signs or numerical sequences believed to bring prosperity and luck.

Ceremony dates aren’t just about weddings; people consider these principles when planning other significant milestones like moving into a new home or starting a business venture. The right selection can set the foundation for happiness and success in life’s new chapters.

As we explore other factors that come into play while selecting an auspicious date, let us delve deeper into what makes certain times more fortuitous than others for major life events beyond tying the knot.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing an Auspicious Date

Consider the significance of an auspicious date for a happy marriage and explore other cultural and religious beliefs about lucky wedding dates. Read on to learn more about making the perfect choice for your 2024 wedding date.

Importance of an Auspicious Date for a Happy Marriage

Selecting an auspicious wedding date is crucial for a happy and prosperous marriage. An auspicious date, according to Chinese culture, is believed to bring luck and harmony to the couple.

In addition, it is thought to imbue positive energy into the union, ensuring a strong foundation for prosperity and happiness throughout married life.

Considering an auspicious date for your wedding can contribute positively to your marriage’s beginning, aligning it with the potential for good fortune and joy.

Auspicious Dates for Marriage in 2024 and 2025

Auspicious Dates for Marriage in 2024 and 2025

In 2024 and 2025, there are specific auspicious dates for marriage. Astrology and numerology play significant roles in determining these suitable wedding dates. Expert advice is available to help couples choose the best wedding date based on various factors, including astrology, numerology, and personal circumstances.

  1. In 2024 and 2025, certain astrological alignments make specific dates more auspicious for marriage.
  2. The alignment of planets and stars during these years influences the selection of auspicious marriage dates.
  3. Numerology also plays a crucial role in identifying auspicious wedding dates for couples in 2024 and 2025.
  4. Based on individual astrology charts, some may find that specific years are more favorable for them to get married than others.
  5. Cultural traditions and religious beliefs also influence the choice of auspicious marriage dates in 2024 and 2025.

Tips for Planning a Wedding on an Auspicious Date in 2024

Tips for Planning a Wedding on an Auspicious Date in 2024
  1. Consider consulting with an astrologer or Feng Shui expert to identify the most auspicious wedding date for you.
  2. Utilise the Chinese Almanac Calendar to align your chosen date with favourable zodiac signs and Ba Zi elements.
  3. Take into account the numerology aspect of the date, including the energy it holds and its compatibility with you and your partner’s birth numbers.
  4. Plan your wedding in a way that resonates with your cultural or religious beliefs, incorporating specific customs and traditions associated with auspicious dates.
  5. Factor in practical considerations such as venue availability, guest travel arrangements, and seasonal weather when finalising your wedding date.
  6. Use the insights from various cultures and religions to broaden your search for an auspicious wedding date beyond astrology and numerology alone.
  7. Embrace flexibility while considering different available dates, ensuring you prioritise harmony, positivity, and shared values above all else.


Selecting the ideal wedding date in 2024 is crucial for a joyous and prosperous marriage. With guidance from experts, couples can find auspicious dates aligned with their zodiac signs or numerology.

Exploring various cultures and traditions can offer diverse options for an auspicious wedding day. Considering all factors and consulting with astrologers can lead to a truly magical and memorable celebration of love.


1. Why is 2024 considered an auspicious year for weddings?

Many people believe that the year 2024 is filled with particularly favourable dates that are perfect for starting a marriage on a positive note.

2. How can I find auspicious wedding dates in 2024?

To discover the most auspicious dates for your wedding in 2024, you can consult with wedding planners or check online calendars specialising in cultural and astrological timings.

3. Are there certain months in 2024 known to be more auspicious for weddings than others?

Some months might stand out as more promising based on cultural beliefs or astrological forecasts, but it’s best to research specific dates within 2024 to select one that aligns with your preferences.

4. Will choosing an auspicious date for my 2024 wedding make a big difference?

Selecting an auspicious date can add a special significance to your ceremony according to some traditions, however, it’s also essential that the chosen date works well for you and your partner’s plans.

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