Best Baby Shower Gifts in Malaysia

The perfect baby shower gift sets in Malaysia with curated baby learning toys to help parents surprise and bring their little loved ones joyfully.

Penghantaran & penghantaran percuma di Malaysia. 

Blissbies educational & learning toys baby gift sets

Picking The Right Baby Shower Gifts In Malaysia

A baby shower is a ceremony of gift-giving party to prepare the person to become a mom. The purpose of this baby shower party is to provide full emotional support for the mum-to-be person. 

The main idea is to let people bring lots of the gifts for the mum to take care of the upcoming newborn  baby.

The party is to celebrate the delivery or expected birth of a baby and also the transformation of a woman into a mother. 

Baby shower gifts are gifts that will be useful for the parents to take care of the upcoming newborn baby.

These are some gifts you may consider to be useful: swaddle, changing mat, milk bottles, nursing pillow and definitely baby toys.

Your focus should be on buying things that will be useful for the parents to take care of the upcoming newborn baby.

These may be some ideas for you: milk bottle sets, baby learning toys, baby carrier, baby monitor, baby diapers, baby books and baby mittens.

Baby Plane Illustration Malaysia

Our Baby Shower Gift Set Collection

We offer various thoughtfully curated baby shower gift options that may fit your budget. Pick one and we will start shipping within 24 hours.

From RM30+

Classic & baby-safe name blocks to surprise the parents and little ones

0-2 years old

Available as addon for all our gift packages

RRM99 RM89

Biar si kecil belajar, baca dan carik buku

0-9 months


Beri si kecil epal lazat yang muncul

0-9 months


Singa comel & mainan yang murahan seperti cheese tart

3-12 months


A blue lion that doesn't roar but soft, cute and soothing

3-12 months


Let the little champion drop some coins and have some fun

6-15 months


Let the baby learn to stack with cups and solve simple puzzle

6-15 months


Siapa yang tidak suka Wafel dengan buku & mainan?

0-9 months


Didatangkan dengan itik dan kura-kura yang berenang

0-9 months


Cheesy tart bersaiz sederhana untuk si kecil

3-12 months


The cute little blue lion has some friends now

3-12 months


Montessori toys for baby to stimulate creativity

6-15 months


More cards and books for the little baby

6-15 months


Hanya lebih banyak buku dan kad untuk si kecil

0-9 months


Pai epal jem tambahan dengan lebih banyak mainan & kad

0-9 months


Tart yang lebih besar dengan lebih banyak kad dan mainan

0-9 months


The blue lion just met some new friends

0-9 months


More toys in the box for little ones to play

6-15 months


More cards and books for the little one to enjoy with the puzzle and stackers

6-15 months

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident the babies will like our gift sets. We will provide a 30 days money back guarantee if the recipient does not like the gift and you would like a refund. Learn More.

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Babies & Blissbies

Membuka kotak gambar set hadiah daripada bayi kecil kami

Soalan Lazim

Kuala Lumpur & Selangor:

  • Pilihan 1: Anda boleh memilih penghantaran keesokan harinya pilihan penghantaran RM15
  • Pilihan #2 – Penghantaran Percuma: anda akan menerima dalam masa 2~3 hari bekerja


West Malaysia:
Penghantaran Percuma Terima pakej anda dalam masa 2 hingga 5 hari bekerja.

East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)
Penghantaran Percuma Terima pakej anda dalam masa 3 hingga 7 hari bekerja.

Penghantaran Percuma Terima pakej anda dalam masa 3 hingga 7 hari bekerja.

Masa Penghantaran
9 AM to 9 PM (MON-FRI)

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Our newborn baby gift set is curated for 0~12 months old baby. The toys are carefully curated and tested with our own babies first.

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