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Getting the perfect gifts for your girlfriend, wife, female friends, or sister could be a tough job, especially the gifts for their birthdays. That’s why we have set on a path to curating the best gifts for your girlfriend, wife, girl friends, sister or the perfect him.

Check out our gift for her series. We have carefully curated and selected every item inside so you can surprise her with this gift.

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Picking The Right Gift For Her

Consider this before buying a gift for her

While diamonds can be a girl’s best friend, our fine ladies appreciate more than just a bling. Whether it’s a special birthday gift for your girlfriend or appreciation gift for your mum, it is good to consider gifts that are more than being ‘practical’ or ‘superficial’. 

In contrast, women do appreciate gifts that have a greater and deeper meaning. While your ideal gift for her may be a piece of jewellery or a date out, ladies are more in-tune with gifts that show your love and understanding of her, and that you give her the attention (that she deserves) and that you listen closely to her. 

Gift Ideas for Her Based on their Roles

Just as men have different roles to the ladies, ladies also are significant in different ways. Another tip is to take note of your lady’s top love languages – quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, gift-giving or physical touch. These can be a good guide for thinking of your next gift for her.

For a wife, independent of any occasion, whether as a birthday gift or an anniversary gift, it is good to get her a gift that reminds her of your love, and that you are thinking of her and present with her throughout the week’s hecticness. It can show the growth and maturity of the relationship, or a renewal of vows. These can be gifts such as photo books, couple jewellery or even an activity that you guys used to frequently do together as a duo.

Whether for a birthday or a representation of love, the best gift for a girlfriend comes from the continued willingness to be together. Therefore, gift ideas for these women can circle around showing your commitment to her and her needs. It can also show your appreciation of her, despite her flaws. Gifts should reassure her and make her feel secure as your partner. 

Between siblings, there will always be an unspoken bond. While you may not vocalise each other’s concern for each other, it is still present. A gift for her can be things that support her dreams and aspirations, and also remind her that you love her. Check in with her, and be curious about what really drives her.

Possible dilemmas when choosing a gift for her

Perhaps these thoughts have come into mind before, “I feel like I’m too early into this relationship. I don’t know what’s a good gift for her.”, or “I feel like she has everything she needs and wants, how do I find the best gift ideas for women?”. Perhaps even, “What are good gifts for a mom who is picky with everything?”

Here are our three big tips for buying gifts for her! (Psst, what we spoke about for men works for women too!)

What does she actually need or want?

Women are great at speaking a lot about their day – what they experience, who they’ve spent time with, what’s been on their mind and so on. But while they articulate these, they also tend to talk about things she wants or likes, and she may not even realise that she’s doing so! Therefore, you may have to do a bit of filtering to figure out what she’s had her eye on. 

Observe, observe, observe

Look at some things around the house – what are some things that will fit into her current hobbies, routines or purchases? Is she into art? Is she an active person that spends a lot on active wear? Does she spend a lot on experiences or items? When you pay attention to these things, it will be easier for you to figure out what’s the best gift for her – a gift that would make her feel over the moon and paid attention to.

Think deeper.

Women tend to have a greater emotional need, and require deeper emotional connections to feel loved and appreciated. Hence, it is always good to consider what your gift could represent and symbolise, not just its practical usage or how it just looks nice. If you can show that you have put in deep thought and effort into her gift, this would make her feel even happier!

Things to avoid when buying gifts for women

Avoid purely practical gifts

They want to see sentimentality; they want to see thought; they want to see creativity. While your gift can have elements of pragmatism, for example, a new pair of activewear leggings, it should not purely just be. Expand beyond that – perhaps a pair of leggings that matches her energy.

Avoid gifts that are plain and mundane

Spoil her (within your budget, of course)! You may argue that the woman you are gifting for does not like to be spoiled, but every person – whether man or woman – would love to be treated occasionally, and you should provide her with just that! A good option would be gift sets because it offers variety, and you may even customise items! You can think of putting a mix of things she appreciates, as well as small things that can surprise her.

Blissbies provides gift sets for women at affordable prices. Who says a good present has to cause a bomb? Besides gifts for women, they also offer boxes for babies too! If you are looking for gift sets for a mother and child, do check them out!

Finally, consider gifts that are implicitly feminine, or even romantic – roses, chocolates, a dinner date out. It doesn’t matter whether it is for a girlfriend, wife or mother, every woman will still appreciate gifts that are feminine in nature. It would be even greater gift if you can consider what types of these gifts she prefers.

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How Blissbies Gifts For Her & Girlfriend Series work?

We curate delightful and meaningful items as gift sets & hampers to surprise your wife & girlfriend.

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Why blissbies gifts for her?

We started this because we have the same issues as every woman, and we wish we could do one thing to make their life just a little bit easier.

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The items we curate are amazing and classic

If you’re wondering what kind of gift for your friend or girlfriend, blissbies gift for her series might be a good choice.

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Every item inside is picked and curated to surprise them.

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Sending gifts to a woman is a hard job as women's needs vary. That's why we started this to make your life just a bit easier.​

Blissbies gift for women

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Our Gifts For Her & Girlfriend Series

We offer different gift options curated carefully for your wife girlfriend or sisters depending on your budget.

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