Baby Hampers & Newborn Gift Sets in Malaysia

Introducing our charming baby hampers, baby gift sets, and newborn gifts in Malaysia, featuring delightful, educational toys to brighten little faces and awaken their senses.

Our baby gifts selection fosters growth and learning, inspiring baby girls, baby boys and toddlers to playfully experiment and discover their world.

Give the gift of joy, learning, and precious bonding moments to the new parents in your life with our baby hampers and baby gift sets.


Blissbies baby hamper & newborn gift in malaysia



Classic & baby-safe wooden name blocks to surprise the parents and little ones. From RM30+.

0-2 years old

Available as addon for all our gift packages


Let the little one learn, read & tear the books

0-9 months


A cute lion & toys as cheesy as cheese tart

3-12 months


A blue lion that doesn't roar but soft, cute and soothing

3-12 months



0~12 months


Let the little champion drop some coins and have some fun

9~18 months


Let the baby learn to stack with cups and solve simple puzzle

9~18 months



0-9 months



3-12 months


The cute little blue lion has some friends now

3-12 months



0~12 months


Montessori toys for baby to stimulate creativity

9~18 months


More cards and books for the little baby

9~18 months



0-9 months



3~12 months


The blue lion just met some new friends

3~12 months



0~12 months


More toys in the box for little ones to play

9~18 months


More cards and books for the little one to enjoy with the puzzle and stackers

9~18 months

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Money Back Guarantee

We are confident the babies will like our gift sets. We will provide a 30 days money back guarantee if the recipient does not like the gift and you would like a refund. Learn More.

赠送一个 Blissbies baby gift.

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Our Blissbies Baby Gift Packaging in Malaysia

Blissbies takes pride in its meticulously designed packaging that sets it apart. Each baby gift or newborn gift in Malaysia is presented in our signature brand purple gift box, reflecting our commitment to quality and aesthetic appeal.

This custom-designed packaging isn’t just a box; it’s an experience that enhances the joy of giving and receiving. Perfect for our clients in Malaysia and beyond,, each gift box comes with its own matching gift bag, further amplifying the luxury and convenience of the Blissbies experience.

Our packaging, combined with our thoughtfully curated selection, makes Blissbies the go-to choice for baby gifts and newborn gifts that leave a lasting impression.

Blissbies packaging
Blissbies personalised wooden block
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Personalised & Beautiful Laser-Engraved Wooden Name Blocks

Our Wooden Name Blocks offer more than just playtime; they present an opportunity for a personalised keepsake. Each block, meticulously crafted, can be laser-engraved with your baby’s name.

They serve as both an engaging learning tool and a charming addition to your child’s nursery decor. These blocks epitomise the perfect marriage of fun, aesthetics, and sentimental value.

Available as add-on on any baby gift sets.

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Personalised & Soft Custom Embroidery Mini Baby Towels

Check out our Blissbies Custom Embroidery Mini Baby Towels. They’re snug, super soft, and just perfect for your little munchkin. Crafted from absorbent material, these towels are kind on your baby’s skin. 

And the best bit? You get to stitch your baby’s name on it. It’s more than just a mini towel; it’s a fun, personalised keepsake for your tot.

Available as add-on on any baby gift sets.

Blissbies personalised towel
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Things to consider when picking the perfect baby gift

Whether you are buying baby gifts for your friends or family members in KL or Malaysia, we have curated some helpful tips that may help you.

Consider the baby’s gender

Taking the baby’s gender into account is crucial before picking a baby hamper.

Take note of the baby’s age

Do take note of the gift difference between a newborn baby gift and the gift of a 1 to 2-year-old baby.

Make sure the gift items are baby-safe

When choosing some newborn gift items for babies or new parents, please make sure the items are baby-safe

Consider the occasion for the gift

If you are attending a baby shower, you can select gift items for the mum first instead of the baby vs occasion after the baby is born

Choose durable baby gifts

Most babies don't know how to take care of their toys. Make sure the toys are safe and durable for them to play with.

Consider choosing toys as newborn gift

Toys are very good option as newborn hampers or gifts as parents can use it to entertain their babies

Select baby gifts based on your budget

If you looking for something affordable and useful, you may consider Blissbies, our baby hampers are loved by many parents.

Ask for the baby registry or wishlist

You can always ask the parents to look at their registry to understand their needs

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We curate delightful and meaningful toys as baby gift sets & hampers to support new parents and provide a good learning journey for their newborns.

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从 RM99 起挑选礼盒型。

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填写您的详细信息并使用 FPX/PayPal/信用卡付款。

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我们将在 24 小时内为您准备好礼盒并发货。

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如果您想知道送给朋友或亲人的宝宝什么样的新生儿礼物,blissbies 婴儿玩具礼盒可能是一个不错的选择。

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大多数时候,婴儿需要很多关注。 我们策划了这些婴儿玩具来帮助娱乐和分散他们的注意力。

Baby ball malaysia

父母永远无法为婴儿提供足够的玩具。 有时,宝宝可能会对他们每天看到的同一套玩具感到厌烦。

Blissbies toys in a gift box


我们理解您可能会怀疑玩具是否好。 让我们与您分享这些是我们遵循的原则。

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What is blissbies good for?

您可以在以下场合购买我们的新生儿礼品套装。 这些玩具都是经过我们自己的宝宝精心策划和测试过的。 

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Baby ball malaysia
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Baby gift
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Baby hamper
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Free Delivery For All Malaysia & Singapore Orders

选项1: 你可以选择 次日送达 RM15的运费选项
选项 #2 – 免费送货: 您将在 2~3 个工作日内收到

免费送货 在 2 到 5 个工作日内收到您的包裹。

East Malaysia (Sabah & Sarawak)
免费送货 在 3 到 7 个工作日内收到您的包裹。

免费送货 在 3 到 7 个工作日内收到您的包裹。

9 AM to 9 PM(周一至周五)


We place our newborn gift, baby gift box & baby hamper inside a solid kraft box with protected material to protect the gift box from being damaged by our delivery partners. 

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We accept FPX (online banking), all types of credit cards (Master, Visa) and PayPal.


如果您收到损坏或不正确的物品,请通过以下方式联系我们 附上损坏或错误运输产品的照片以及您的订单号,我们会尽快与您联系。

Refund & Return Policy

Please refer to our Refund & return policy page.


Our newborn baby gift set is curated for 0~18 months old baby boys and baby girls. The toys are carefully curated and tested with our own babies first.

Picking The Right Baby Gift Delivery in Malaysia​


Much like a baby gift box, a baby hamper is a delightful present in the form of a hamper that you can send to your friend, family member, or loved one to commemorate the birth of their precious infant. Companies like ours specialize in curating and assembling these hampers for baby girls and baby boys, which are then carefully wrapped in a charming basket or box.

By availing of our services, you can save valuable time and effort in preparing the perfect gift for your beloved new parents.

What is baby gift & newborn gift?

When a loved one or friend has a new baby, a popular way to show your joy and appreciation is by sending them a baby gift or newborn gift.

These gifts can include items like baby clothes, toys, books, and other post-pregnancy essentials. It’s a thoughtful gesture that lets the parents know you’re happy for them and are celebrating this special moment in their lives.


When it comes to gifting for a newborn, we all strive to give the best presents that not only bring joy to the little one, but also to the parents.

Whether it’s for our closest friend or family members, we want to leave a lasting impression through our thoughtful choices. But with an overwhelming variety of options available, such as a mummy and baby gift set or a simpler newborn baby gift set in Malaysia, it can be challenging to know where to begin.

Do you offer personalised baby gifts in Malaysia?

Blissbies offers personalized baby gift sets & hampers in Malaysia that add a unique and special touch to your present. Our personalized gifts include beautifully laser-engraved wooden blocks that can be customized with the baby’s name, birth date, or any other special words. 

Apart from wooden blocks, we also offer personalised baby handkerchiefs or towels that can be embroidered with the baby’s name or initials. These items are not only practical but also make an excellent addition to a baby’s nursery décor.

What are baby gifts?

Baby gifts are presents specially chosen to celebrate the arrival or impending arrival of a child. They can include a variety of items like baby clothes, toys, books, and other essentials that are beneficial for the baby and the new parents. Baby gifts can be individual items or grouped together in a beautifully presented hamper or gift box, such as those offered by Blissbies in Malaysia.

What are newborn gifts?

Newborn gifts are a selection of items given to new parents to mark the birth of their baby. They often include practical items such as baby clothes, toys, books, and other newborn essentials. Newborn gifts can also include special, personalized items, like laser-engraved wooden blocks or embroidered baby towels. Whether offered individually or in a thoughtfully curated newborn baby gift set, they share in the joy of this life-changing occasion.

Why do we buy baby gifts and newborn gifts for parents?

Baby gifts and newborn gifts are purchased for new parents as a way of sharing in their joy and offering support during this exciting time. These gifts serve both as a symbol of love and celebration, and as practical help by providing items that the new parents will find useful for their baby. Additionally, giving baby gifts can make the parents feel cared for and appreciated during what can also be a stressful and challenging time.

Why are toy-based baby gifts suitable for new parents?

Toy-based baby gifts are suitable for new parents because they offer benefits on multiple levels. First, they cater to the developmental needs of the baby, stimulating their senses, cognitive growth, and motor skills through play. Second, they provide entertainment and engagement for the baby, which can be particularly valuable for busy new parents. Lastly, these toys can serve as keepsakes, capturing the memories of the baby’s early years. 

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