Baby & Newborn Gift Sets, Hampers in Malaysia

Newborn gifts, baby gift sets & baby hampers with delightful & educational baby toys to help parents bring smiles to their little loved ones and stimulate their senses.

Our toys focus on supporting babies to stimulate growth and learning by encouraging babies & toddlers to experiment with them.

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Our Newborn Gifts & Baby Gift Sets Collection

From RM30+

Classic & baby-safe name blocks to surprise the parents and little ones

0-2 years old

Available as addon for all our gift packages


Let the little one learn, read & tear the books

0-9 months


Give the little one a delicious apple that pops

0-9 months


A cute lion & toys as cheesy as cheese tart

3-12 months


A blue lion that doesn't roar but soft, cute and soothing

3-12 months


Let the little champion drop some coins and have some fun

6-15 months

Out of stock


Mid-size cheesy tart for the little one

3-12 months


The cute little blue lion has some friends now

3-12 months


Who doesn’t love Waffle with books & toys?

0-9 months


Let the baby learn to stack with cups and solve simple puzzle

6-15 months


Montessori toys for baby to stimulate creativity

6-15 months

Out of stock


Bigger tart with more cards and toys

0-9 months


The blue lion just met some new friends

0-9 months


Comes with ducky and turtly that swims

0-9 months


Just more books and cards for the little one

0-9 months


More cards and books for the little baby

6-15 months


Extra jam apple pie with more toys & cards

0-9 months


More toys in the box for little ones to play

6-15 months

Out of stock


More cards and books for the little one to enjoy with the puzzle and stackers

6-15 months

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident the babies will like our gift sets. We will provide a 30 days money back guarantee if the recipient does not like the gift and you would like a refund. Learn More.

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Babies & Blissbies

Unboxing gift set photos from our little babies

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Things to consider when picking the perfect baby gift

Whether you are buying baby gifts for your friends or family members in KL or Malaysia, we have curated some helpful tips that may help you.

Consider the baby’s gender

Taking the baby’s gender into account is crucial before picking a baby hamper.

Take note of the baby’s age

Do take note of the gift difference between a newborn baby gift and the gift of a 1 to 2-year-old baby.

Make sure the gift items are baby-safe

When choosing some newborn gift items for babies or new parents, please make sure the items are baby-safe

Consider the occasion for the gift

If you are attending a baby shower, you can select gift items for the mum first instead of the baby vs occasion after the baby is born

Choose durable baby gifts or baby hampers

Most babies don't know how to take care of their toys. Make sure the toys are safe and durable for them to play with.

Consider choosing toys as newborn gift

Toys are very good option as baby hampers or gifts as parents can use it to entertain their babies

Select baby gifts based on your budget

If you looking for something affordable and useful, you may consider Blissbies, our baby gifts are loved by many parents.

Ask for the baby registry or wishlist

You can always ask the parents to look at their registry to understand their needs

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How blissbies baby gift works?

We curate delightful and meaningful toys as baby gift sets & hampers to support new parents and provide a good learning journey for their newborns.

baby pick option 1
Step 1

Pick a gift box type from RM99 onwards.

credit card option 2
Step 2

Fill in your details and pay with PayPal/credit card.

baby shipping option 3
Step 3

We will prepare your gift box and ship within 24 hours.

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Step 4

We will send the shipping details over to your email.

Why blissbies newborn gifts?

We started this because we have the same issues as every new parent and we wish we can do one thing to make their life just a little bit easier.

unisex baby toys icon
The baby toys we curate are unisex, safe and entertaining

If you’re wondering what kind of newborn gift for your friend or loved ones’ baby, blissbies baby toy gift box might be a good choice.

baby shaker icon
It helps to entertain and attract baby’s attention

Baby requires a lot of attention most of the time. We have curated these baby toys to help entertain and distract them.

baby ball malaysia
The more the merrier

Parents can never have enough toys for their babies. Sometimes, baby might get bored with the same sets of toys they see everyday.

Blissbies toys in a gift box

How we curate our newborn gift, baby gift sets & baby hampers

We understand you may have doubt whether the toys are good. Let us share with you that these are principles we follow.

blissbies step 1 icon
Our babies like it

We make sure at least some babies like it first.

blissbies step 2 icon
Safe for playing and sleeping

We carefully picked every item in the baby gift box as to make sure the toys are newborn-safe.

blissbies step 3 icon
It is entertaining and fun

All the toys we curate must be fun and interesting to play.

What if blissbies gifts good for?

You can purchase our newborn baby gift set for the below occasions. The toys are carefully curated and tested by our own babies before. 

blissbies toy icon
Newborn gift
baby milk bottle icon
Full-month gift
blissbies baby gift set icon
100 days gift
baby ball malaysia
Full-year gift


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Free Shipping: Receive your package within 3 to 7 working days.

Delivery Timing
9 AM to 9 PM (MON-FRI)

We place our newborn gift, baby gift box & baby hamper inside a solid kraft box with protected material to protect the gift box from being damaged by our delivery partners. 

We accept FPX (online banking), all types of credit cards (Master, Visa) and PayPal.

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Please check our shipping & delivery page for the full details. 

You may read about why we started Blissbies at our story page. Thank you so much for your support.

Will there be a difference in colour between the product images on the website and the actual product?

We have done our best to capture the colours of the products as true as possible.

However, each device screen renders colour differently, and there may be a slight colour difference.

Do contact us if you have any questions.

All payments will be charged in Malaysia Ringgit (MYR).

Contact us if you have any questions regarding our newborn baby gift sets & hampers.

Our newborn baby gift set is curated for 0~12 months old baby. The toys are carefully curated and tested with our own babies first.

Picking The Right Newborn Baby Gift

Baby gift & newborn gift is the type of gift you send to your friend, family member or loved one to celebrate the birth of their newborn baby. 

Baby gift or baby hamper can consist of items such as baby clothes, baby toys, books or other post-pregnant necessary items. 

Similar to baby gift box, baby hamper is the type of gift in hamper form that you can send to your friend, family member or loved one to celebrate the birth of their infant baby.

Company like us will help to prepare your baby hamper and wrap them nicely in a beautiful basket or box so you can save your time and effort preparing them for your loved ones.

Whether it’s for our in-laws or our best friend, we hope to give the best gifts that not only make their newborn happy, but them too. Even for parents whom we are not familiar with, we also want to make a good impression through our choices. With so many options, from a mummy and baby gift set to a simpler newborn baby gift set in Singapore, where do we start?

As a general guideline, always ensure that gifts for newborns are safe for them to do anything and everything with – throwing them around, pushing them, pulling them apart and of course, putting them in their mouths and chewing them. Watch out for those teething times!

This applies to gifts and toys with many small parts, and also those furry ones. Even if these toys were gifted, do ensure that they are used while under supervision!

Newborns cannot differentiate food from fun toys – whatever that looks fancy, or that can fit in their mouths, they will do it. When choosing the next newborn baby hamper, think about whether or not the material is safe to do so. We are talking not just about the material itself, but whether or not it will cause the breeding of bacteria! 

Within our newborn baby gift set, we should avoid objects that are sharp and can potentially hurt the baby. Perhaps not just whether it is sharp on the edges, but also whether it is too tough and may bruise the child as s/he throws it around. Remember, our little human beings don’t appreciate pain!


We are thinking of soft toys, rattles, mini keyboards and toy cars, right? Well, close, but they are not the only ones. Toys today also include educational toys! Educational toys are toys that help stimulate learning for children. In toddlers, it will be helping them develop their senses or learn a new skill, and in older children, teaching them about a particular subject. Blissbies offers baby gift boxes that include these educational toys. From teething toys and rattles, to comforters and cloth books, they have a range of products that help your newborn learn as they grow – all included in their baby gift collection!


Clothes are also another item that we can buy for a newborn because they have a range of options. Rompers, singlets, socks, beanies and booties, it seems like their options can even be more than us adults! There is also the option of little dresses and outfits for both the older ladies and gentlemen. 

While plain-coloured and patterned clothes are attractive, do keep in mind that they may not always be the most practical, because newborn tend to outgrow their sizes. If we are looking to present clothes, consider if it was possible for them to be adaptable to the baby while it grows, and whether it would stay comfortable during that time!

Just for mum

Of course, let’s not forget our superwomen who care for our little young beings. Mothers would appreciate some luxurious bath soaks, all-natural nipple cream and essential oils for their recovery. Or perhaps a designer teething necklace or merino socks to help comfort their child.

No doubt these gifts can be useful for a new mother, but most mothers would probably already have them while on their journey. Perhaps then, we could consider looking into a mummy and baby gift set that caters to both our supermums and newborn. 

A Subtle Luxury

We all deserve a little pampering. For a mother and newborn, that could mean a simple all natural soothing cream, or perhaps a good baby shampoo or massage oil product, or even a beautiful brush and comb set. Let’s not forget a designer object too – how about a designer muslin to cuddle with?


At this point, if we still have no idea what to get our newborn, books will be our plan B (pun intended)! Books are practical gifts because they will last an entire lifetime. Depending on the age of the child, we can choose from cloth books or musical books, to even vocabulary books. Some even come with CDs and apps that encourage parents to learn along with their children! Whether standalone or in a newborn baby gift set, these are essentials for a young minds’ growth.


Besides the gifts mentioned above, there are still presents for newborn that may not be as seemingly obvious. Perhaps a plastic or silicone cutlery set could be useful to help the newborn learn how to pick up food, or infant walkers that help toughen up their leg muscles. It is easier to think of a gift if we think of the interactions and activities throughout a baby’s day, and that could definitely kick start our purchase process for a newborn baby gift set here in Singapore.

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