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Our Story

The little story behind our business.

Why a toy box?

When our son was born in Malaysia, we were inundated with various baby gifts and hampers – clothes, diapers, soft toys, and more. Yet, the most practical newborn gift was a box of toys, each item within serving to engage and distract our child.

Toys are indispensable

The box of toys significantly enriched our toy collection. As new parents, you’ll spend countless hours with your newborn. Children tire of toys rapidly, resulting in an unending need for them. After a few days, a toy’s charm may fade, reinforcing the necessity for a diverse toy selection. Regularly rotating these toys can rekindle your child’s interest, making each toy feel like a new gift by day ten.

Sending Blissbies Baby Gift

I can tell you that you have made the right choice. Because, as mentioned, toys play a vital part in his life out of all the things we receive.

Because of the 24 hours, he is awake at least 8 hours a day. And for these 8 hours, you need “things” to entertain, attract attention and distract him.

So, you can see the baby toys we curate usually have more than one function to entertain and distract.

Until now, I think we are still delighted to receive another box of toys.

Blissbies newborn baby gift sets & hampers malaysia

How do we source and curate the toys in blissbies box?

We have three principles when we curate our blissbies toys.

Baby smile icon
Our kids like it

We make sure at least some babies like to play with it first.

Baby protect icon
Safe for playing and sleeping

We don’t curate items as baby gift & baby hamper with sharp edges or to make sure it is newborn-safe.

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It is entertaining and fun

All the toys we curate must be fun and interesting to play.