Blissbies Large Blueberry Tart – Newborn Baby Gift


Gift a Blissbies. Surprise the newborn baby with this box of Blissbies Large Blueberry Tart Newborn Baby Gift

🦁 Cute & Soft Blue Lion Cloth: Embrace the coziness of our adorable lion-themed cloth! This irresistibly cute companion is as soft as a cloud and adorned with a lovable blue lion. Whether you’re snuggling, enjoying tummy time, or lulling your little one to sleep, our lion cloth infuses every moment with a gentle touch of warmth and comfort.

🃏 High Contrast Cards: Spark your baby’s imagination with our High Contrast Cards set! This diverse collection includes captivating cards with both black & white and colorful designs. It’s a perfect way to engage and entertain your little one while promoting early visual development. Get ready for a world of visual exploration and learning!

📚 Fun Cloth Books – Jungle & Ocean Adventures: Embark on exciting journeys with our Jungle & Ocean Fun Cloth Books! These soft and interactive books promise hours of discovery as your baby explores the jungle or dives into the ocean. Filled with adorable animals and fun pages, they’re perfect companions for your baby’s learning and playtime, sparking curiosity and creativity along the way.

🐇 Cute Rabbit Rattle: Introducing your baby’s new best friend: the Cute Rabbit Rattle! Soft, huggable, and designed for little hands, it’s the perfect companion for playtime, bringing joy and endless smiles to your little one’s face. With its gentle rattling sound, it’s sure to delight and entertain during those precious moments of interaction.

🐢Turtle & Duck Swimmer: Make bath time a splashing adventure with our Turtle & Duck Swimmer duo! These adorable aquatic friends float and swim alongside your little one, turning every bath into a watery wonderland. They’re perfect companions for an enjoyable bath experience.

What’s inside the newborn gift box?

  • 1 x Cute & Soft Blue Lion Cloth
  • 1 x High Contrast Black & White Cards (40 pcs)
  • 1 x High Contrast Colourful Cards (40 pcs)
  • 1 x Jungle Fun Cloth Book
  • 1 x Ocean Fun Cloth Book
  • 1 x Cute Rabbit Rattle
  • 1 x Turtle & Duck Swimmer
  • 1 x Blissbies Just For You Greeting Card

🎁 ADD-ON: Personalised Wooden Name Blocks 🎁

Engrave personalised English or Chinese names on the beautiful wood blocks. Each wood block is 4x4x4cm.

  • Personalised Wooden Name Blocks *

  • 3 Characters Name Blocks * RM30.00

  • 4 Characters Name Blocks * RM38.00

    Max: 4 characters

  • 5 Characters Name Blocks * RM46.00

    Max: 5 characters

  • 6 Characters Name Blocks * RM54.00

    Max: 6 characters

  • 7 Characters Name Blocks * RM62.00

    Max: 7 characters

  • 8 Characters Name Blocks * RM70.00

    Max: 8 characters

  • 9 Characters Name Blocks * RM78.00

    Max: 9 characters

  • 10 Characters Name Blocks * RM86.00

    Max: 10 characters

  • 11 Characters Name Blocks * RM92.00

    Max: 11 characters

  • 12 Characters Name Blocks * RM100.00

    Max: 12 characters

  • 13 Characters Name Blocks * RM108.00

    Max: 13 characters

  • 14 Characters Name Blocks * RM116.00

    Max: 14 characters

📝 ADD-ON: Custom Baby Bath/Saliva Towel 📝

  • Custom Embroidered Baby Bath/Saliva Towel *

    Custom embroidered English or Chinese name on soft & smooth baby bath/saliva towel. Each baby towel is 25cm x 25cm.

    Note: Only 1 towel will be embroidered with the name

  • What's the baby name? *

Money Back Guarantee

We are confident the babies will like our gift sets. We will provide a 30 days money back guarantee if the recipient does not like the gift and you would like a refund. Learn More.

Kuala Lumpur & Selangor:

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  • Option #2 – Free Shipping: you will receive within 2~3 working days

West Malaysia:
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East Malaysia
Free Shipping: Receive your package within 3 to 7 working days.

Delivery Timing
9 AM to 9 PM (MON-FRI)

For next day delivery (in KL),  we will ship it beautifully with our own Blissbies paper gift bag.

blissbies box

For normal delivery, we place our baby gift box  inside a kraft box (you can also request for a paper gift bag) with protected material to protect the gift box from being damaged by our delivery partners. 

blissbies box

We will help you to prepare a personalised gift card with our very own custom designed gift card. You can key in the gift message during checkout.

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Our Curated Toys In The Baby Gift Box

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Blissbies blueberry tart gift set
Cute & Soft Blue Lion Cloth
Baby rabbit rattle
Cute Rabbit Rattle
Turple and duck swimming toy
Turtle & Duck Swimmer
Learning card gift toy - colourful set
High Contrast Colourful Art Cards (40 pcs)
Blissbies ocean fun cloth book
Ocean Fun Cloth Book
Learning card gift toy - black and white set
High Contrast Black & White Art Cards (40 pcs)
Blissbies jungle fun cloth book
Jungle Fun Cloth Book

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