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Water dispensers have quietly become a staple in Singaporean homes and workplaces, offering convenience and improved water quality. The island’s market is teeming with options that cater to different needs, whether it’s for an office space or a compact apartment.

As consumers grow more health-conscious, the demand for advanced filtration systems has risen sharply. Many devices now deliver not just chilled or hot water but also come equipped with features like UV sterilisation and alkaline water production.

Singapore’s competitive landscape for water dispensers sees innovative models regularly making their debut. Top-selling brands guarantee not only safe drinking water but also incorporate sleek designs that complement modern interior aesthetics.

Types of water dispensers

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  • Bottled Water Dispensers – are a prevalent choice in various settings, including offices and shops, owing to their convenience and reliability. These dispensers operate by relying on bottled water as their primary water source.
  • Plumbed-in Water Dispensers – also known as a point-of-use water dispenser or mains-fed water dispenser, is a type of water dispenser that connects directly to the building’s water supply through plumbing.
  • Tankless Water Dispensers – provide instant hot and cold water through filtration without the need for a large tank or bottle. They’re efficient and space-saving, making them popular in Singapore for their practicality.

Overview of Best 20 Water Dispensers in Singapore

When choosing the best water dispenser for your needs in Singapore, it’s crucial to compare different models to ensure you make an informed decision. Below is a comparison table highlighting various features of the top water dispensers available in the market.

Product NameTypePriceWhere to Buy
WOW Water DispenserPlumbed-in$289.50Shopee
Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water DispenserBottled$368.00Lazada
Xiaomi Viomi Smart Instant Heating Water DispenserBottled$431.20Lazada
BluePro Water DispenserBottled$520.00Lazada
Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313Tankless$587.00Lazada
Pure Water Bright (PW-680)Plumbed-in$699.00Lazada
Raslok HCM-T1Plumbed-in$999.00Raslok website
Hyundai Wacortec Elegance Kool CounterBottled$1,090.00Lazada
Apure TitanPlumbed-in$1,199.00Shopee
Futur Water PurifierTanklessstarts from $1,449.00 onwardsShopee
3M Filtered Water DispenserTankless$1,688.00Lazada
W Life NanoPlumbed-in$1,699.00Lazada
Cuckoo Fusion Top Water DispenserPlumbed-in$1,699.00Shopee
AmGlow Contour 7 – Smart Eco Water DispenserPlumbed-instarts from $1,890.00 onwardsShopee
Purehan Super Cooling All in OnePlumbed-in$1,899.00Shopee
Wells True TanklessTankless$1,980.00Wells Website
Swisspro Clima MesaTankless$2,099.00Lazada
LivingCare Water Purifier Jewel SeriesTankless$2,788.00Shopee
Tomal FreshDew Hot & Cool DispenserPlumbed-in$2,399.00Lazada
Hydroflux H1675S Water PurifierTanklessvia inquiryHydroflux website

Top 20 Best Water Dispensers in Singapore

Discover the top 20 water dispensers in Singapore that offer quality, convenience, and value. Read on to find the perfect water dispenser for your home or office.

WOW Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office lazada

This sleek and efficient appliance instantly serves up crystal-clear, refreshing water at just the right temperature, whether it’s icy cold or piping hot. With its advanced filtration system, it ensures your family enjoys pure and great-tasting water with every pour.

Where To BuyShopee

Frigeria HC66L Bottled Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office 
 frigeria hc66l bottled water dispenser

The Frigeria HC66L is a floor-standing bottled water dispenser that includes five bottles of oxygenated water, making it a convenient and cost-effective option for those seeking high-quality hydration.

Where To BuyLazada

Xiaomi Viomi Smart Instant Heating Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office  water dispensers for home & office iomi smart instant heating water dispenser

Transitioning from the 3M Filtered Water Dispenser, let’s explore the Viomi Smart Instant Heating Water Dispenser. With its 4L capacity and instant heating function, it provides quick access to hot or cold water at an affordable price point.

Where To BuyLazada

BluePro Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office 
 bluepro water dispenser

The BluePro Water Dispenser is a top choice for instant hot and cold water in Singapore. With advanced reverse osmosis technology, it delivers natural alkaline mineral water, ensuring a clean and filtered drinking experience.

Where To BuyLazada

Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313

Water dispensers for home & office novita countertop water purifier np313

Novita Countertop Water Purifier NP313 is a budget-friendly choice for those seeking a reliable water dispenser in Singapore. This non-electric purifier offers convenience and affordability, making it suitable for various settings.

Where To BuyLazada

Pure Water Bright (PW-680)

Water dispensers for home & office pure water bright (pw-680)

The Pure Water Bright (PW-680) revolutionises your drinking experience with its advanced Korean technology. This high-quality water dispenser delivers both hot and cold water, making it a versatile choice for any Singapore home or office.

BrandNo Brand
Where To BuyLazada

Raslok HCM-T1

Water dispensers for home & office raslok hcm-t1

The Raslok HCM-T1, a German-designed premium tankless water purifier and dispenser in Singapore, stands out for its innovative features. Equipped with UV LED Self Sterilization technology, it ensures clean and safe drinking water.Plumbed-in

Where To BuyRaslok website

Hyundai Wacortec Elegance Kool Counter

Water dispensers for home & office 
 hyundai wacortec elegance kool counter

The Hyundai Wacortec Elegance Kool Counter is a top choice for those seeking the best water dispenser in Singapore. It boasts a 4-step Waco filtration system, ensuring high-quality drinking water.

Where To BuyLazada

Apure Titan

Water dispensers for home & office apure titan

Embrace the future of hydration with the Apure Titan, a pinnacle of purification innovation. This tankless water dispenser from Germany not only provides clean and safe water but does so with an assurance recognised by reputable international standards.

Where To BuyShopee

Futur Water Purifier

Water dispensers for home & office futur water purifier

Discover the future of clean and delicious hydration with the Futur Water Purifier. This cutting-edge appliance brings innovation to your kitchen, delivering pristine water that’s free from impurities.

BrandFutur Living
Pricestarts from $1,449.00 onwards
Where To BuyShopee

3M Filtered Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office 3m filtered water dispenser

The 3M Filtered Water Dispenser, awarded as the ‘Best Water Dispenser’ by The Singapore Women’s Weekly’s annual Domestic Diva, offers a filter capacity of around 500 gallons, making it suitable for most families and small businesses.

Where To BuyLazada

W Life Nano

Water dispensers for home & office w life nano

Moving on from the robust Apure Titan, the W Life Nano stands out in Singapore’s competitive market for its sleek design and technological prowess. This water purifier is not only slim, with a width of just 14cm, making it ideal for space-constrained areas, but it also boasts energy-efficient features that enhance its appeal.

Where To BuyLazada

Cuckoo Fusion Top Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office cuckoo fusion top water dispenser

The Cuckoo Fusion Top Water Dispenser offers easy and efficient water dispensing with just two simple steps. This makes it ideal for anyone looking for a convenient way to access filtered water at the perfect temperature.

Where To BuyShopee

AmGlow Contour 7 – Smart Eco Water Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office amglow contour 7 – smart eco water dispenser

The AmGlow Contour 7 stands out in the Singapore market with its sleek design and smart eco-friendly features. Crafted from durable galvanised stainless steel, it promises longevity and a touch of modern elegance to any kitchen.

Pricestarts from $1,890.00 onwards
Where To BuyShopee

Purehan Super Cooling All in One

Water dispensers for home & office purehan super cooling all in one

The Purehan Super Cooling All in One is equipped with a versatile temperature control system, offering eight preset temperatures ranging from as low as 1ºC. It features advanced alkaline water purification and a sophisticated nine-stage filtration system, ensuring the delivery of crisp and pure drinking water.

Where To BuyShopee

Wells True Tankless

Water dispensers for home & office wells true tankless

Wells The One, an award-winning water dispenser and appliance brand in Singapore, is renowned for its innovative and user-friendly features. Boasting the title of the world’s slimmest water dispenser. A genuinely tankless water purifier delivers cold and hot water instantly, with a simple touch of a button, catering to various needs.

Where To BuyWells Website

Swisspro Clima Mesa

Water dispensers for home & office swisspro clima mesa

The Swisspro Clima Mesa is a stylish and functional hot and cold water dispenser suitable for compact spaces in Singapore. It features integrated Swiss-made filters, ensuring that the water you consume is clean and safe.

Where To BuyLazada

LivingCare Water Purifier Jewel Series

Water dispensers for home & office livingcare water purifier jewel series

Transitioning from the BluePro Water Dispenser, we introduce the LivingCare Water Purifier Jewel Series. Renowned as one of the finest water dispensers in Singapore, this tankless and motorless innovation provides a hygienic and energy-efficient solution for households.

Where To BuyShopee

Tomal FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser

Water dispensers for home & office  tomal freshdew hot & cool dispenser

The Tomal FreshDew Hot & Cool Dispenser, is renowned for its slim and elegant design. This dispenser stands out for its ability to dispense hot water instantly without the need to boil.

Where To BuyLazada

Hydroflux H1675S Water Purifier

Water dispensers for home & office hydroflux h1675s water purifier

The H1675S water purifier provides instant access to water at two different temperatures. It offers hot water at 94°C, perfect for brewing hot beverages, and cold water at 4°C, ideal for refreshing on a hot sunny day.

Pricevia inquiry
Where To BuyHydroflux website

Factors to consider when choosing a water dispenser

Consider factors such as space limitations, water source and quality, budget, maintenance and upkeep, user-friendliness, as well as safety and health features when choosing a water dispenser.

These elements will help ensure that you find the best water dispenser in Singapore to suit your specific needs.

Space limitations

Ensure the water dispenser fits your space, especially if it’s for a small office or home. Consider the size and whether it will fit on your countertop or in a designated area. For those with limited space, tankless or bottle-less water dispensers can be a sustainable option that connects directly to the water source.

Refillable dispensers are also an eco-friendly choice for smaller spaces in Singapore. When selecting a dispenser, keep in mind the installation requirements and how much room you have available.

Water source and quality

Good water dispensers rely on a clean, high-quality water source. In Singapore, WHO guidelines ensure that drinking water from dispensers meets stringent quality standards. Tankless water dispensers provide instant hot and cold filtered water sourced from reputable suppliers.

Choose the right dispenser to ensure access to safe and refreshing drinking water in your home or office. When considering different models, it’s essential to prioritise the quality of the water source for the best hydration experience.


When selecting a water dispenser in Singapore, it’s crucial to consider your budget. Different models come with varying price tags, so determining how much you are willing to spend is essential.

This will help you narrow down your options and focus on finding a water dispenser that not only meets your requirements but also fits within your budget.

Maintenance and upkeep

Regular cleaning and sanitization are crucial in maintaining the optimal performance of your water dispenser. Consistent upkeep can prevent algae or bacterial growth, ensuring the quality and safety of the dispensed water.

Keeping up with maintenance not only prolongs the lifespan of your dispenser but also saves money in the long run by reducing the need for repairs or replacements.


When considering the user-friendliness of a water dispenser, opt for models with intuitive controls and easy-to-follow instructions. Look for features like adjustable temperature settings and convenient dispensing mechanisms to simplify everyday use.

Safety and health features

Water dispensers with safety and health features are essential for ensuring the quality of the drinking water. Look for models equipped with advanced filtration systems, such as UV sterilisation or RO purification, to effectively remove impurities and harmful substances.


In conclusion, the top 20 finest water dispensers in Singapore offer a wide range of options, catering to diverse needs. With innovative features such as UV sterilisation and tankless dispensing, these modern dispensers provide convenience and safety.

Reputable brands like Cosmo Quantum, Wells, and Novita stand out for their quality and performance. Whether it’s for home or office use, there’s a suitable water dispenser available to meet your specific requirements.

Choose from an array of designs and functionalities to find the perfect match for your space and lifestyle.


1. What makes a water dispenser in Singapore the best?

A top water dispenser in Singapore often includes features like advanced filtration, alkaline water options, and tankless designs for continuous fresh water.

2. Can I find a good tankless water dispenser in Singapore?

Certainly, you can find some of the finest tankless water dispensers that offer convenience and save space.

3. Which is better: a purifier or filter type of water dispenser?

Both types are excellent; however, the best choice depends on your needs—a purifier for eradicating bacteria and viruses, or a filter for removing impurities from your drinking water.

4. Are there alkaline water dispensers available in Singapore?

Yes, some of the best alkaline water dispensers can be found right here in Singapore to help maintain pH levels for those who prefer it.

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