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The little story behind our business.

Why choose a box of toys?

As new parents in Singapore, we were inundated with an array of gifts and hampers when our son was born – from clothing and diapers to plush toys. However, the gift that truly resonated with us was a box of toys. Each item within served a purpose – to entertain and distract our little one, making it a cherished baby gift.

Toys are never enough

The box of toys not only augmented our existing collection but also underscored an important aspect of parenthood. The countless hours spent with a newborn are precious, but they also demand variety. Children tire of toys quickly, and what was once a new and exciting object soon becomes mundane.

Toys lose their novelty after a few days, diminishing their appeal. We quickly realized the importance of a diverse array of toys and books – it’s not just a luxury, but a necessity. The ability to frequently rotate these items can keep a child’s interest piqued. By the tenth day, they might even treat a ‘recycled’ toy as a fresh and exciting newborn gift. So, while clothes and diapers are essential, the gift of variety – a box of toys – can make a world of difference to both parents and child.

Why a box of toys?

When our son was born, we received a lot of gifts and hampers, from clothes and diapers to soft toys.

The one gift we found most helpful was a box of toys. It was one gift that we liked, as every item inside helped entertain and distract our kids.

We don’t have enough toys

The box of toys we received did help to expand our toy collection. Being a parent is that you will spend a tremendous amount of 1-on-1 time with your newborn. You will never have enough toys because kids get bored of toys very quickly.

After the first few days, the toy became familiar and might not excite them anymore. We learned that having a good variety of toys and books is essential. Because you can rotate them frequently, hopefully, your kids might treat it as a new thing again by day ten.

Sending Blissbies As a Gift

I can tell you that you have made the right choice. Because, as mentioned, toys play a vital part in his life out of all the things we receive.

Because of the 24 hours, he is awake at least 8 hours a day. And for these 8 hours, you need “things” to entertain, attract attention and distract him.

So, you can see the toys we curate usually have more than one function to entertain and distract.

Until now, I think we are still delighted to receive another box of toys.

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How do we source and curate the toys in blissbies box?

We have three principles when we curate our blissbies toys.

Baby smile icon
Our son likes it

We make sure at least one baby likes it first.

Baby protect icon
Safe for playing and sleeping

We don’t curate items like cloth as we scare it is not newborn-safe.

Baby baloon icon
It is entertaining and fun

All the toys we curate must be fun and interesting to play.