Blissbies Blueberry Muffin Supreme – Personalised Newborn Baby Hamper Gift Set


Gift a Blissbies – a delightful box of Blueberry Muffin Supreme – Personalised Newborn Baby Hamper Gift Set, the perfect surprise for a precious little one.

💌 Personalised: The baby romper, bib, and wooden name blocks (for up to 7 characters) can be personalised with your baby’s name, printed in a stylish font for a unique touch.

👶Adorable Blue Romper: Dress your baby in our charming blue romper, a perfect mix of snug comfort and cute style. Soft and gentle on the skin, this romper is ideal for your baby’s full day of activities, from lively playtime to peaceful sleep.

🍽️Mealtime Must-Have: This baby bib is created to streamline and style up feeding moments. Made from plush, absorbent fabric, it offers gentle care for your baby’s sensitive skin.

📘 Fun Cloth Books: Embark on an adventurous journey with our Dinosaur, Jungle, and Ocean Fun Cloth Books. These tactile, vividly illustrated books are fantastic for young minds, sparking their imagination with exciting tales of ancient dinosaurs, jungle expeditions, and marine explorations.

🦁 Captivating Toy Set: Enhance your baby’s early development with our collection of engaging toys. Designed for sensory enrichment and encouraging self-discovery, these toys provide a safe and enjoyable way for your baby to learn and play.

🪵 Wooden Name Blocks: Elevate your baby’s play and learning with our custom-crafted wooden name blocks. Not only are they entertaining and instructive, but they also serve as a distinctive, personalised element in your baby’s nursery, blending fun with a stylish touch.

What’s inside the newborn gift box?

  • 1 x Personliased Blue Romper
  • 1 x Personliased Blue Bib (28cm x 18cm)
  • 1 x Dinosaur Fun Cloth Book
  • 1 x Ocean Fun Cloth Book
  • 1 x Jungle Fun Cloth Book
  • 1 x Tsk Tsk Shaker
  • 1 x Turtle & Duck Swimmer
  • 1 x Colourful Stacking Cups
  • 1 x Personalised Wooden Name Blocks (the wooden name blocks can hold up to 7 characters)
  • 1 x Cute Lion Soft Plush Toy – Blue
  • 1 x Baby Safe Mirror Book
  • 1 x Blissbies Just For You Greeting Card
  • Suitable for 0-12 months *

⭐️ INSERT Baby's Name ⭐️

Provide the Baby's Name to be printed on the gift item

  • Personalised Baby's Name *

    Max: 13 characters

🎁 ADD-ON: Personalised Wooden Name Blocks 🎁

Engrave personalised English or Chinese names on the beautiful wood blocks. Each wood block is 4x4x4cm.

Note: Each wooden name block box can hold a max of 7 characters. Any additional characters will be placed separately inside our gift box.

  • Personalised Wooden Name Blocks *

  • 3 Characters Name Blocks * $25.00

    Max: 3 characters

  • 4 Characters Name Blocks * $30.00

    Max: 4 characters

  • 5 Characters Name Blocks * $35.00

    Max: 5 characters

  • 6 Characters Name Blocks * $40.00

    Max: 6 characters

  • 7 Characters Name Blocks * $45.00

    Max: 7 characters

  • 8 Characters Name Blocks * $50.00

    Max: 8 characters

  • 9 Characters Name Blocks * $55.00

    Max: 9 characters

  • 10 Characters Name Blocks * $60.00

    Max: 10 characters

  • 11 Characters Name Blocks * $65.00

    Max: 11 characters

  • 12 Characters Name Blocks * $70.00

    Max: 12 characters

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Gift a Blissbies.
Surprise the baby.

Our Newborn Gifts & Baby Gifts Collection in Singapore


Classic & baby-safe wooden name blocks to surprise the parents and little ones. From S$25+.

0-2 years old

Available as addon for all our baby gift packages


Let the little one learn, read & tear the books

0-9 months


A cute lion & toys as cheesy as cheese tart

3-12 months


A blue lion that doesn't roar but soft, cute and soothing

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Give the little one a delicious apple that pops

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Let the little champion drop some coins and have some fun

6-15 months


Let the baby learn to stack with cups and solve simple puzzle

9~18 months


Who doesn’t love Waffle with books & toys?

0-9 months


Mid-size cheesy tart for the little one

3-12 months


The cute little blue lion has some friends now

3-12 months


Comes with ducky and turtly that swims

0-12 months


Montessori toys for baby to stimulate creativity

6-15 months


More cards and books for the little baby

9~18 months


Just more books and cards for the little one

0-9 months


Bigger tart with more cards and toys

0-9 months


The blue lion just met some new friends

0-9 months


Extra jam apple pie with more toys & cards

0-12 months


More toys in the box for little ones to play

6-15 months


More cards and books for the little one to enjoy with the puzzle and stackers

9~18 months

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