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In the heart of Singapore, where modernity meets tradition, there exists a realm where ancient wisdom is applied to foster success, prosperity, and balance in the contemporary world. This is the domain of Imperial Harvest, a prestigious institution dedicated to the art and science of Imperial Feng Shui.

Founded on the principles that have guided generations of leaders and visionaries, Imperial Harvest has emerged as a beacon of excellence, integrating timeless Feng Shui methodologies with the dynamic demands of today’s fast-paced lifestyle.

As a custodian of Imperial Feng Shui, Imperial Harvest is not just about aligning physical spaces with cosmic energies; it’s about empowering individuals and businesses to reach their fullest potential.

Meet Imperial Harvest – Singapore Top Feng Shui Master & Bazi Consultant

Since its inception, Imperial Harvest has unwaveringly dedicated itself to the authentic practices of Imperial Feng Shui. With a meticulous approach, we integrate the deep-rooted philosophies of Imperial Feng Shui into contemporary life, ensuring its relevance and power are accessible to today’s leaders and innovators.

Through their commitment and expertise, Imperial Harvest has emerged as a distinguished authority in the field, guiding a discerning international client base towards sustained success and growth.

Imperial Harvest Feng Shui & Bazi Consultation services

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At its core, Imperial Harvest is dedicated to offering a comprehensive suite of services tailored to harness the principles of Feng Shui and Bazi consultation. These services are meticulously designed to augment the personal and professional realms of clients, fostering an environment ripe with opportunity and growth.

Bazi analysis & Bazi consultation

At Imperial Harvest, the initial step for every newcomer is to engage in a complimentary Bazi analysis and consultation, a unique service in Singapore led by the esteemed Imperial Feng Shui Master, Master David Goh.

This process involves a detailed examination of your Bazi chart to pinpoint your optimal Bazi elements and fortunate colors. Based on these insights, Master David Goh will recommend specific Imperial Harvest treasures tailored to support you in realizing your most ambitious dreams and objectives.

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Feng Shui Audit & Consultation

Recognizing the distinctiveness of each client, Imperial Harvest adopts a bespoke approach for every consultation.

Their dedicated team is committed to closely collaborating with you to grasp your individual needs, ensuring that their Feng Shui services are precisely customized to address your unique requirements. No matter where you are in the globe, Imperial Harvest is equipped to offer holistic Feng Shui solutions tailored just for you.

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Who is Feng Shui Master David Goh?

Master David Goh (吴宸翔大师), a revered third-generation Feng Shui Master in Singapore, leads Imperial Harvest with a legacy passed down from his father, Feng Shui Master Long De Ren (龙德仁师傅), and his grandfather, Feng Shui Grandmaster Fu Tian Long (伏天龙大师).

Steeped in the wisdom and practices of his forebears, Master David upholds the belief that effective Feng Shui is a powerful tool for molding and transforming one’s destiny towards achieving personal goals and dreams.

From his earliest years, Master David was deeply engrossed in the Feng Shui and Bazi practices led by his father. Raised with a profound respect for the rich tapestry of ancient Chinese culture, Master David developed a significant appreciation for Feng Shui’s transformative impact on individuals’ lives.

His authentic approach to Feng Shui was honed under the guidance and wisdom of preceding Feng Shui Masters, laying a solid foundation for his methodologies. After completing his university education, Master David embraced his destiny, stepping into leadership within the Feng Shui community by establishing Imperial Harvest.

Bazi analysis & consultation process

Become a valued member of the Imperial Harvest family and align yourself with a distinguished network of over 6,000 professionals, entrepreneurs, and financial experts. Elevate your ambitions and reach your objectives with the unparalleled expertise and Imperial Feng Shui strategies we offer.

Step #1:

Master David Goh will meticulously examine your personal Bazi chart, offering insights that cover:

  • Lifetime Bazi favourable elements
  • Opportunities and threats
  • Luck trends
  • Lifetime auspicious colours
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Step #2:

After understanding your distinct aspirations, ambitions, and requirements, Master David Goh will recommend the most appropriate treasures from Imperial Harvest. Subsequently, he will conduct an Imperial Feng Shui ritual to bless these selected items, utilizing insights drawn from your Bazi chart to enhance their efficacy and alignment with your personal energy. This tailored approach ensures that the blessings and the treasures you receive are perfectly attuned to your life’s path and goals.

To embark on your journey with a complimentary Bazi consultation, reach out to them via WhatsApp.

Feng shui audit & consultation process

Seeking to enhance your home or workplace with Feng Shui’s balancing act? Their professional Feng Shui services are tailored to guide you toward crafting spaces that not only thrive in success but also radiate well-being.

Step #1:

Sign up the online form and for them to better understand your needs.

Step #2:

Upon receiving your form, their team will contact you to gather additional information and further refine their understanding of your needs.

With their expertise, you can transform any environment into a sanctuary of harmony and prosperity, ensuring that every aspect of your space aligns with the principles of Feng Shui for an optimized living or working experience. Let them help you navigate the journey to a more balanced and fruitful environment by booking an appointment with them.

Imperial Harvest products

Imperial Harvest’s products merge timeless Feng Shui wisdom with exquisite craftsmanship, offering a refined collection. These pieces are more than just luxurious items; they are designed to enhance personal prosperity, harmony, and positive energy, making them integral tools for those seeking to align their lives with the principles of Imperial Feng Shui for greater success and well-being.

Laughing Buddha (Ref: 3682)

Laughing buddha (ref: 3682)

Energizes the beneficial Water star zone, which is key to enhancing prosperity, unlocking new opportunities, and sharpening intuition.

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Imperial Harvest Red Phoenix Mountain – 013

Imperial harvest red phoenix mountain – 013

Crafted by the skilled artisans of Imperial Harvest, each piece of Unheated Fancy Vivid Pink Rose Quartz is meticulously sculpted to highlight the unique allure of this rare gemstone. This dedication to craftsmanship underscores a deep commitment to quality, designed to enhance the well-being and empowerment of individuals in Period 9.

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Qian Long Jadeite Mountain Ref: 9992

Qian long jadeite mountain ref: 9992

Energizes the fortunate Mountain star area, bestowing occupants with favorable mentors, prosperity, and achievements.

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Qian Long Wishing Stone (Tua Di Ya Pek)

Qian long wishing stone (tua di ya pek)

Widely revered in Chinese culture, Tua Di Ya Pek is celebrated as the Investment God of Wealth, specifically overseeing the realm of indirect wealth, including stock market investments and trading activities.

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Where is the Imperial Harvest Gallery located?

Nestled in the heart of Singapore’s prestigious shopping district, the Imperial Harvest Gallery is an emblem of luxury and sophistication, situated at 402 Orchard Road, Delfi Orchard. This prime location not only reflects Imperial Harvest’s commitment to excellence but also makes it easily accessible to both local and international clientele.

Imperial Harvest

402 Orchard Road, #02-07/08 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876

Imperial Harvest Prestige

402 Orchard Road, #03-24/25 Delfi Orchard Singapore 238876

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