The 20 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore Edition to Clean Up Your Space without effort

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Keeping your house clean can be a time-consuming task. The good news is that robot vacuums have made this chore much easier. Our article showcases the 20 best robot vacuum cleaners available in Singapore, to help you choose the perfect one for your home.

Get ready to find out how these smart devices can spruce up your space effortlessly!

Overview of The 20 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore

20 best robot vacuum in singapore

Transitioning from our introduction, we proceed to explore the vibrant landscape of robot vacuum cleaners available in Singapore. The market boasts a diverse range that caters to various cleaning requirements, ensuring your living space remains spotless with minimal effort.

Product NameBrandPriceWhere To Buy
Jallen Gabor Smart Charging Robot Vacuum CleanerJallen$18.80Shopee
TP-Link Smart Robot & Mop Tapo RV10 Series Vacuum CleanerTP-Link$179.00Shopee
Lenovo Robot Vacuum T1s ProLenovo$250.00Shopee
AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2800Pa Suction PowerAIRROBO$269.00Shopee
PowerPac Robot Vacuum PPV3100PowerPac$269.00Shopee
Midea MVC-I5C Black Robot Vacuum CleanerMidea$299.00Shopee
Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum CleanerYeedi$353.00Shopee
TP-Link Tapo RV30 Robot Vacuum CleanerTP-LinkPrice starts at $499.00 onwardsShopee
Samsung VR30T80313W/SP, BESPOKE Jet Bot Robot VacuumSamsung$918.00Shopee
PHILIPS 2-in-1 Mop Robot Vacuum 6000PHILIPS$990.00Shopee
ILIFE T10s LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner Auto Empty DockILIFE$999.00Shopee
Ecovacs Deebot T20e OmniECOVACS$1,199.00Shopee
Roborock Q8 Max Robotic Vacuum 5500Pa 3DRoborock$1,299.90Shopee
Ecovacs Deebot T30 Pro OmniECOVACS$1,399.00Shopee
Narwal Freo X Ultra Robot VacuumNarwal$1,999.00Shopee
Eufy Clean X9 Pro Robot VacuumEufy$1,999.00Shopee
Roborock Q Revo Robot VacuumRoborock$2,029.90Shopee
Dyson 360 Vis Nav ™ Robot VacuumDyson$2,098.00Shopee
iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum RobotiRobot$2,448.00Shopee

The 20 Best Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore

Selecting the right robot vacuum cleaner in Singapore requires attention to detail and knowledge of the best options available. The market offers a variety of choices to meet different needs and preferences. Here is a summary of the top 20 robot vacuum cleaners in Singapore, featuring their unique strengths and capabilities.

Jallen Gabor Smart Charging Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Jallen gabor smart charging robot vacuum cleaner

The Jallen Gabor Smart Charging Vacuum Cleaner offers a compact and efficient cleaning solution with its slim and lightweight design. This robot vacuum cleaner features strong suction capabilities, making it suitable for all hard floors. It’s super slim, making it easy to maneuver and store, and its rechargeable design ensures it’s always ready for a cleaning session. Its intelligent functions allow for an easier, cleaner life, simplifying your home cleaning routine with its automated capabilities.

Where To BuyShopee

TP-Link Smart Robot & Mop Tapo RV10 Series Vacuum Cleaner

Tp-link smart robot & mop tapo rv10 series vacuum cleaner

The TP-Link Smart Robot & Mop Tapo RV10 Series Vacuum Cleaner combines vacuuming and mopping in one device, featuring a three-level electronic mopping system to tackle sticky messes and kitchen grease. It utilizes high-efficiency S-shaped path planning for systematic and efficient navigation and cleaning. The device supports simple control via the Tapo app, allowing users to tailor scheduling and switch cleaning modes remotely. It boasts a 2600mAh battery for up to 3 hours of continuous cleaning, ensuring your home can be cleaned on a single charge.

Where To BuyShopee

Lenovo Robot Vacuum T1s Pro

Lenovo robot vacuum t1s pro

The Lenovo Robot Vacuum T1s Pro is known for its advanced features, including automatic dirt disposal, powerful suction up to 2700Pa, and AI navigation technology. It employs LDS laser precision mapping for systematic and efficient cleaning patterns. This robot vacuum supports Wi-Fi connectivity, making it compatible with Google Home and Alexa for voice control. With a large 5200mAh battery, it ensures a lengthy runtime, suitable for cleaning large areas. The device also offers customized cleaning modes, allowing users to target specific areas for cleaning, enhancing the convenience and efficiency of the vacuuming process.

Where To BuyShopee

AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner with 2800Pa Suction Power

Airrobo p20 robot vacuum cleaner with 2800pa suction power

The AIRROBO P20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning with a powerful suction of 2800Pa, effectively picking up debris, pet hair, and food crumbs from hard floors and carpets. Its notable 99.2% cleaning efficiency rate ensures thorough cleanliness across various surfaces. The vacuum is also highlighted for its slim body design, allowing it to maneuver under sofas, beds, and other low-lying furniture to cover more cleaning area.

Where To BuyShopee

PowerPac Robot Vacuum PPV3100

Powerpac robot vacuum ppv3100

The PowerPac Robot Vacuum PPV3100 features three cleaning modes with remote control, sensors to avoid hazards and obstacles, and a sleek slim design at 7cm high, allowing it to easily reach tight and low spaces. It can run continuously for up to 80 minutes when fully charged and automatically returns to its base station for charging. The vacuum maintains a low noise level of ≤72dbA, operates on a battery of 1500mAh/11.1V, and comes with a power adapter supporting a voltage of 100-240V.

Where To BuyShopee

Midea MVC-I5C Black Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Midea mvc-i5c black robot vacuum cleaner

The Midea MVC-I5C Black Robot Vacuum Cleaner is designed for efficient cleaning with a built-in gyroscope sensor that allows for an optimal grid-shaped cleaning routine, covering the maximum surface area with one-pass cleaning. It boasts a powerful 4000Pa suction motor, enabling it to easily clean up large debris and fine particles like dust and allergens. With its gyroscope navigation, this robot vacuum cleaner ensures comprehensive coverage and efficient cleaning performance.

Where To BuyShopee


Roidmi xiaomi eve cc smart robot vacuum

The ROIDMI XIAOMI EVE CC Smart Robot Vacuum is a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop cleaner equipped with smart dust emptying. It offers double cleaning efficiency with its vacuuming and mopping functions. Users can control and manage cleaning tasks conveniently via a mobile app, making it a user-friendly choice for maintaining cleanliness in various spaces.

Where To BuyShopee

Yeedi K650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Yeedi k650 robot vacuum cleaner

The yeedi k650 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is an efficient and affordable option for daily cleaning and especially adept at pet hair pickup. It features a tangle-free silicone brush designed to effectively gather pet hair without getting clogged. With a 2000Pa suction power, it’s suitable for carpets and hard floors, offering a 2-in-1 vacuum and mop function. This model is known for its ease of use, including voice and app control capabilities, and supports auto-recharge, making it a convenient choice for keeping your home clean.

Where To BuyShopee

TP-Link Tapo RV30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Tp-link tapo rv30 robot vacuum cleaner

The TP-Link Tapo RV30 Robot Vacuum Cleaner features 4200Pa hyper suction, making it powerful enough to sweep away debris hidden in carpets and gaps for a deep clean. It utilizes both LiDAR and gyroscopic navigation to accurately map out your house in minutes, ensuring efficient cleaning without omissions or repeated areas. The vacuum also incorporates a 3-level electronic mopping system to tackle sticky messes and kitchen grease. Its vacuum and mop combo design offers a comprehensive cleaning solution for your home.

PricePrice starts at $499.00 onwards
Where To BuyShopee

Samsung VR30T80313W/SP, BESPOKE Jet Bot Robot Vacuum

Samsung vr30t80313w/sp, bespoke jet bot robot vacuum

The Samsung VR30T80313W/SP, BESPOKE Jet Bot Robot Vacuum, is equipped with a LiDAR Sensor for precise navigation and efficient cleaning. It offers Wi-Fi® Smart Control for ease of use and features a high-efficiency brush, ensuring effective cleaning on any type of floor. The design is focused on providing an efficient cleaning experience with advanced technology for optimal performance.

Where To BuyShopee

PHILIPS 2-in-1 Mop Robot Vacuum 6000

Philips 2-in-1 mop robot vacuum 6000

The PHILIPS 2-in-1 Wet & Dry Vacuum & Mop Robot Vacuum 6000 provides deep cleaning through its dual high-speed rotation mops, capable of both wet and dry cleaning. It features an auto self-cleaning station to ensure a maintenance-free experience. The robot is designed with LDS navigation for efficient pathfinding and carpet recognition technology. It includes a 2-in-1 water tank, contributing to its ultra-slim design for easy maneuverability and storage.

Where To BuyShopee

ILIFE T10s LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner Auto Empty Dock

Ilife t10s lds robot vacuum cleaner auto empty dock

The ILIFE T10s LDS Robot Vacuum Cleaner features an auto-empty dock and is designed for ease and efficiency in home cleaning. It combines advanced LDS navigation with a powerful 3000Pa suction, making it effective on various floor types. The robot vacuum offers a 2-in-1 vacuuming and mopping functionality, ensuring a thorough clean. Its self-empty station can hold up to two months’ worth of dirt and dust, significantly reducing the need for frequent manual cleaning.

Where To BuyShopee

Ecovacs Deebot T20e Omni

Ecovacs deebot t20e omni

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T20e OMNI is an advanced robot vacuum cleaner featuring a suction power of 6000Pa. It comes with Auto Mop Lifting, Auto Mop Washing, Hot Air Mop Drying, and Auto-Emptying functions. The robot is equipped with 3D Structured Light for Obstacle Avoidance, Dual Mops for efficient cleaning, and creates 3D Maps of your home for thorough coverage. This model provides a comprehensive cleaning solution with its innovative features.

Where To BuyShopee

Roborock Q8 Max Robotic Vacuum 5500Pa 3D

Roborock q8 max robotic vacuum 5500pa 3d

The Roborock Q8 Max Robotic Vacuum boasts an impressive 5500Pa suction power, allowing it to easily remove dirt and pet hair from different types of floors. The vacuum is designed with enhanced cleaning features and simplified living in mind, incorporating the DuoRoller™ Brush for total dirt and dust removal. Its strong suction and smart navigation are powered by the Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance system, ensuring an efficient and thorough cleaning process.

Where To BuyShopee

Ecovacs Deebot T30 Pro Omni

Ecovacs deebot t30 pro omni

The ECOVACS DEEBOT T30 PRO OMNI is a highly advanced robot vacuum and mop that provides efficient and convenient cleaning solutions. It features TruEdge Adaptive Edge Mopping for precise edge cleaning, ZeroTangle Technology to avoid hair tangles, and boasts a powerful suction of 11,000Pa. The device includes a Mini OMNI Station for space efficiency and easy installation, even in cramped areas. Its design ensures quiet operation and easy access to the water tank, making it a user-friendly choice for maintaining clean floors.

Where To BuyShopee

Narwal Freo X Ultra Robot Vacuum

Narwal freo x ultra robot vacuum

The Narwal Freo X Ultra is a flagship robot vacuum and mop that offers a hands-free cleaning experience. It boasts innovative features such as a certified zero-tangle brush, powerful suction of 8200Pa, DirtSense™ mopping technology, and auto mop washing and drying. This model is designed to provide a comprehensive cleaning solution, making it an ideal choice for pet owners and families.

Where To BuyShopee

Eufy Clean X9 Pro Robot Vacuum

Eufy clean x9 pro robot vacuum

The Eufy Clean X9 Pro Robot Vacuum and Mop Combo comes with an Auto Clean Station, 12 mm Auto-Lift Mop, and two rotating mops. It boasts a powerful suction of 5,500 Pa, and its auto mop cleaning and drying function, along with 40°C heated drying, ensures your floors are not just clean but also dry. The vacuum is equipped with AI obstacle avoidance technology, making it efficient and effective in navigating around your home while cleaning.

Where To BuyShopee

Roborock Q Revo Robot Vacuum

Roborock q revo robot vacuum

The Roborock Q Revo is a versatile robot vacuum and mop designed for every home, featuring a multifunctional dock that simplifies maintenance. It comes equipped with dual liftable spinning mops, delivering a deep clean with 5500 Pa of suction power. Its Reactive Tech obstacle avoidance ensures the vacuum navigates around your home efficiently, avoiding obstacles with ease. Additionally, the device offers smart app features, allowing for convenient control and customization of cleaning tasks.

Where To BuyShopee

Dyson 360 Vis Nav ™ Robot Vacuum

Dyson 360 vis nav ™ robot vacuum

The Dyson 360 Vis Nav™ Robot Vacuum is celebrated as the most powerful robot vacuum, equipped with intelligent cleaning through 360° visual navigation. It features an extending side duct for cleaning right to the edge and is controlled, customized, and scheduled with the MyDyson™ app. This innovative technology ensures thorough cleaning across all types of floors with advanced navigational capabilities.

Where To BuyShopee

iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum Robot

Irobot roomba j7+ vacuum robot

The iRobot Roomba j7+ Vacuum Robot is designed with pet owners in mind, featuring obstacle avoidance technology specifically to avoid pet accidents. It provides powerful cleaning with 10x power-lifting suction, smart navigation to clean targeted messes as they occur, and the convenience of a self-emptying system. The robot vacuum is equipped with mapping capabilities, allowing it to clean efficiently when and where you want, making it an ideal choice for maintaining cleanliness in homes with pets (iRobot).

Where To BuyShopee

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Robot Vacuum Cleaners in Singapore

Consider the suction power and cleaning performance, mapping technology, noise level, as well as your budget and warranty options when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner in Singapore.

Read on to discover more about what to look for in the best robot vacuum for your space.

Suction power and cleaning performance

The cleaning performance doesn’t stop at mere suction. The best robot vacuum mop Singapore showcases combine strong suction with effective brushes that work together to lift dirt, pet hair, and other debris from floors and carpets seamlessly.

Mapping technology

After considering suction power and cleaning performance, mapping technology becomes the next crucial factor. The best robot vacuum in Singapore relies heavily on advanced mapping to ensure thorough coverage of your space.

On the other hand, vacuums with inferior mapping might leave areas untouched, leading to inconsistent cleanliness levels throughout your residence. Opting for models equipped with sophisticated LIDAR or laser technologies ensures every corner gets attention—transforming them into some of the best robot cleaner options in Singapore for meticulous homeowners.

Noise level

Moving from the impressive mapping technology that guides robot vacuums around your house, another crucial feature to consider is the noise level. The sound produced by most robot vacuums can range between 70 and 80 dB, similar to a running garbage disposal. This factor becomes essential if you prefer a quiet environment while your vacuum cleans.

Selecting the best robot cleaner in Singapore involves paying attention to models known for their quieter operation. Higher-end robot vacuums typically offer this advantage over their lower-end counterparts.

Budget and warranty options

After considering the noise level, shifting our focus to budget and warranty options can significantly impact your decision. Robot vacuum cleaners in Singapore showcase a wide price range, catering to both those on a tight budget and individuals ready to invest in high-end models.

The financial aspect becomes particularly important as the cost difference between entry-level and luxury robot vacuums is quite substantial. Opting for the best budget robot vacuum in Singapore doesn’t necessarily mean compromising on quality; several models offer impressive cleaning performance without breaking the bank.

Tips for Maintaining Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner for Optimal Performance

To maintain your robot vacuum for optimal performance, regularly empty the dust bin and clean the filter, brushes, and wheels. Consistent upkeep ensures efficient cleaning and extends the lifespan of your robot vacuum.

  • Regularly empty the dust bin -Keeping the dust bin of your robot vacuum clean is a simple yet crucial step for maintaining optimal performance. By frequently emptying the bin, you allow the device to continue its cleaning cycles without interruption.
  • Clean the filter – Remove the filter from the robot vacuum and tap it in a trash can to release any loose dust. Using a soft brush, gently loosen dust into a trash can to improve the performance of your robot vacuum.
  • Check the brushes and wheels – After cleaning the filter, it is crucial to check the brushes and wheels of your robot vacuum to maintain its optimal performance. The brushes can easily become entangled with hair and debris, hindering their effectiveness.


Get ready to revolutionise your cleaning routine with the 20 best robot vacuums in Singapore. These top models, such as Yeedi Mop Station and Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum Mop 2, offer cutting-edge technology to keep your space pristine.

With options like Eureka Groove for budget-conscious consumers and Eufy Clean X9 Pro for advanced features, finding the perfect fit is a breeze. Embrace effortless cleaning with these state-of-the-art robot vacuums tailored for every need.


1. What makes a robot vacuum the best choice for cleaning in Singapore?

A robot vacuum becomes the best choice by offering efficient cleaning capabilities, including mopping and vacuuming, making it perfect for keeping spaces clean without effort.

2. Can I find a good robot vacuum that fits my budget in Singapore?

Yes, you can find the best budget robot vacuums in Singapore that are affordable and effective at cleaning your space.

3. Which brand offers the best iRobot models in Singapore?

In Singapore, several brands offer top-quality iRobot models known for their advanced technology and superior cleaning performance.

4. Is there a robot vacuum that can also mop floors in Singapore?

Yes, some of the best vacuum mops available in Singapore are designed to both sweep and mop your floors, providing a comprehensive cleaning solution.

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